Trying to help a client understand

If you are an insurance inspector please comment on these shutters. The client would like to know if they meet the requirements for level A protection or not. I will post a link for her to see. There are no markings or stickers anywhere on them. I have my opinion but do not wish to share at this time so the client does not think I have influenced any ones opinions. Please explain if you have experience with them.

Simple answer is no, they will not qualify. You will not find any paperwork for those and without documentation you cannot check A.

And Mr. Siegel for the clients info what are your qualifications? I believe you are an instructor if I remember correctly. Thanks for your opinion.

Please keep the opinions coming even if they are the same or different. I would like the lady to be 100% sure when she is done reading the links.

If you are an instructor or perhaps have written a course please give you opinions to the client.

Also are there penalties if you mark a shutter as rated as something you know it is not?

Mike, as a cop, I can answer as to the penalties.

Florida statute 627.7114(b) says that one can NOT mark anything other than is stated on the material for prupose of an insurance discount.


Thanks Travis. That may be of interest to her and her other inspectors.

Please keep comments coming about the shutters. Verified or Not?

no problem.
You have helped me on numerous occasions

You must be a cop cause you are brave enough to admit that I have helped you :slight_smile:

I call those “bubbled” or “stucco finish” shuts.
They are definitely pre-1994 SFBC & cannot be identified as code compliant opening protection.

What year was the home built?
When I see them they’re usually from original construction <<<<1994. :slight_smile:

I have never seen an approval for those shutters. They appear to be pre-approval shutters(pre 1994) and were discontinued around that same time if my memory serves me correctly. I would not bother to look for an approval. Without an approval or proper identifying mark, they would get marked NOT RATED.

Thanks Mark,

lets keep it coming I want to her to hear all opinions EVEN if they are different just so long as they are your honest opinions.

you have helped me Michael and I’m no cop :-)…don’t really have a liking for cops of any kind:D

John I believe you wrote the course for the worlds largest home inspectors organization on Wind Mitigation Inspection and would be considered an expert. Is that correct. I know the answer but I would like the client to know the type of people who are telling her these things. Thanks for sharing your opinions.

Any opinions from anyone on folks who mark that these are tested and the companies who use these inspectors because of it? Again good or bad I just want your honest opinions.

if it isn’t labeled and on the approved product list it don’t count. However if that is all I have I damn sure use them.

Expert, is a matter of opinion. I have written three courses that were/are approver by DBPR and the CILB.

They are not approved and get the selection of N(ii), unrated. I know you won’t take my word for it Mike, but it’s true nonetheless.

I take your word on some things :slight_smile: Boy I had a perimeter issue just a hour ago and thought about sending you the info but I do not think even you could have made it work :slight_smile:

total footprint perimeter 282 on a one story house Back long side of patio perimeter 43 not even counting the 2 other sides. Guy was pissed I would not use the numbers his insurance agencies guy used…It seems every day people get pissed at me because I will not commit REAL fraud. not little disagreements in measurements and such. The lady in this post tells me she is a broker and her agency accepts those shutters and so do all her inspectors…Why did she call me then? Almost any time they always mention their in the biz title you know they are looking for a favor “fraud” or something. Acting like there are going to send you hundreds of jobs if you just play ball. I don’t Play BaLL.

I agree Mike, I get that a lot too, and it’s not worth it to look the other way. This is the whole premise of providing photos and proper documentation…underwriters don’t trust anybody.