Pictures on insurance inspections

Do you submit pictures with wind mits and four points? How many and how? I have some tell me they do not send any others lots.

The more pictures you send, the more you cover your butt. I send lots. It is verification for what you are stating.

On 4 points I haven’t been, but from reading the boards I may start.But not embedded in report, added at end of report with short description.


On 4 points I do a combined pdf of report and photos, no photos sent on wind mits , but kept on file,I have been asked for photos a couple of times.

I send pics with both reports, unlabeled of relevant subjects.

for windmits, i send one of each side, one of shutters/and or approval i.d for impact, gables, attachment, roof deck, and possible shiners. 4 points- one of each side of house, one of roof, a.c, plumbing example, panel, wiring. roof condition certificates- again one of each side, and two on top of roof. These are important to have in case the underwriter wants to bust your balls, they are doing that alot these days. I had someone from universal ask for an n.o.a for a solid metal outswing entry door-thats being picky, but they can request it!

Never had anyone ask for NOA except building dept.

yeah,universal thought i made a mistake and tried not to accept my report… thats when the guy started in with the noa crap… as it turned out i did not make a mistake, he just wasnt looking at my pictures. But some of these guys are real nitpickers.

Nothing with wind mits. Most insurance companies want front and rear of the roof, front and rear of the house on 4 points.

That is because most of them do not now what they are doing or looking for. You can sent the same report to 5 different agents / underwriters, and get 5 different opinons.


The basic 4 point been doing for 4 years now.

In regards to the wind mit, If the roof is a hip, I’ve been told by various underwriters, 4 pictures are required for their client to get the hip roof discount. Same underwriters say if it’s an “other” roof shape, only 2 angle shots are required. Some don’t require pics at all if the roof is an “other”.

On our 4 pt inspections, we include only a picture of the panel w/the cover off. 200 or so 4 pts and haven’t been rejected. Even by citizens.

I haven’t seen any recent discussion on this topic so I am hoping to resurrect it.
It’s pretty clear that Wind Mits require photos and what they need to be.I include 8-12 numbered pix and an index page showing where they are taken from using the Property Appraiser’s sketch as background with a north arrow.
The Cover sheet, Index sheet, and Pix all precede the OIR Wind Mit Form. It’s all saved in 1 pdf.
I can’t find anything authoritative on 4 Points photos though. None of the completed ones I’ve seen have pix.
Are there standard photos for 4 Points ?

I submit the standard front, side, rear and two to four roof pics with mine. Additionally, I submit one showing open or cover-less electrical panel, Air Conditioning name plate information, and whatever defect pictures there may be. I also include plumbing, water heater and washer hose bib pictures. So, lots of pictures. I modeled my form after Citizen’s official 4 - point form. As stated numerous times, you can’t go wrong with sending in pictures and labeling them therefore minimizing the possibility of a call back. Just my .02 worth.


For the wind mits, since it became a requirement, yes: Wind mit sample

Since the insurance companies started asking, I use the following form:
Magnum 4-point

The four point form I use also has an extra page for pictures, if needed.

Here is another genius doing a wind mit. If it has staples and is the original roof, you do not need spacing pics.




We include:
Front and Rear
A couple of roof images
The electrical main(s)
The A/C and heaters(air handlers) with labels
The hot water tanks with labels
Fuel tank(if there)
At least one attic pic
Cloths washer connections
Under every sink(waste and shut-offs)
The toilet shut-offs
Roof documents, if needed(ie., there is no permit on file)

Our images show what it there the day of the inspection, the labels are recorded and included as a cross check.

We use a modified Nachi four point form that I created and made fill-able.

I have gotten a question about why a roof didn’t qualify on a few occasions, like the sample for example. It was re-nailed with 6D nails, even though it was put on in 2001.
I try to show the same types of pictures on all of my wind mits. That way, when I get a question, I just say, look at the picture.

That is what I do.