wind scenario #4- RDA

You find in the attic; 1. 1/2 inch roof deck, 2. 8d nails. 3. 10"-12" in the field and 10"-12" inches on the edge. What do you give it and why? a,b, or c?

I would list it as E and state that the fasteners were spaced as indicated.

that counts as a

I think I would look harder. Then do as Greg said

I’d go with A.

–I would not chose B since the edge nail spacing is greater than 6" on center.
–I would not chose C since the nail spacing for both the edge and field is greater than 6" on center
–I would select choice A even though the edge spacing is not 6" o.c. Choice A requires 6d nails or staples spaced 6" along the edge, and 12" in the field, or an equivalent mean uplift resistance of 55 psf. A comparison of 8d nails spaced 10"-12" oc does in fact yeild this equivalent uplift resistance since an 8d nail have 2.4 times greater pull out capacity than 6d nails. According to York 6d nails = 55 psf, 8d nails =130 psf.

Final Anaswer "A"

A week later I would get a phone call from the agent and have to look it up or change it to A.

LOL – Have a margarita John, it’s Friday

Still have reports to write:(

Inspectors list from Bill Yorks site, updated 8/6/10

I counted 26 people added from class of Aug. 4. I thought there were around 50 people taking the class. WOW

This is an honest response. Writing unknown or typing in other is very confusing/annoying to agents/underwriters and equals attachment a every time. This one can be tricky in my opinion, it seems like the yellow beeper has a couple inches of play. no? Also, have you guys seen the citizens cheat sheet? They still use class a,b,c and none for opening protection. Yes, large, small, not rated, or none.

I have not seen the sheet, but I knew they used some kind of conversion system. The insurance companies are still giving classes on the new form, many still do not understand it and call us with questions.

John, if you want. have your girls call mine and we’ll send it to ya-305-759-4587. just tell em i said it was cool

will do, thanks

Is this a publicly available sheet? “Whining” I want one… Thanks, Joe

it was a technical bulletin distributed to citizens appointed agents that translates all the jibberjabber for opening protection into class a,b,c or none. Like the old form

Agent informed me that their clients were not recieving discounts for ‘All glazed openings’. They ad to be ALL or nothing for opening protection discounts.