Wind Mit - Roof to Wall - 1957 FL home

Having a hard time identifying roof to wall attachment. Access is limited as the soffit is wood. I haven’t seen a clip that looks like what I’ve provided in pictures but I don’t want to chalk it up as unknown without doing some research.

From 1957 I’d mark it toe-nails


Thanks! Im considering suggesting that the owner get hurrican clips and have me come back out for pics. What do you think? Insurance is getting crazy in FL.

My insurance has risen annually from 2400-3600-4500-5800

Depends where you are located, check this out - nice people

As Marc stated, likely toe-nails due to vintage.

But, you need to look while on site, and you need a better flashlight. I can’t see the RTW in that attic shot, and if there was a clip or hold-down back there you have to supply a clear photo.

If you can’t determine, select “Unknown or Unidentified” , don’t guess.

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There are many companies that specialize in adding RTW or the missing “3rd nail” for homeowners.

I do need a better flashlight. Here’s a slightly better picture. I can usually get a shot from the soffit side if its not clear from the attic but these were wooden soffits. Attic only had gable and ridge ventilation.

Try this:

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