Wind Mitigation Clips?

Never seen one of these before and I was wondering if anyone else has. If not would you assume it is properly set in the bond beam?

I think it looks good. What year is the home?


I’ve never seen one of those around here. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t some wood deck connector they threw in.

I think it is fine and would mark clip but I do not know 100% as I do not know the maker.

Gotcha. Thanks for the quick reply. Best guess is all we can do sometimes.

Like this?

Thanks. Looks very similar. There was a small notch along the plate in the one I found that threw me off a bit. Almost like the plate was made for something else. Overthinking it I suppose.

I’m not nearly as smart as John and all because he’s an expert wind mitigation inspector, but I believe it’s this one:

It’s rated for over 1,500fp of uplift which is higher than a double wrap which meets 1,350fp.

Maybe a different manufacture.

Here it is

According to the form, it is a clip. However, it looks like a predecessor to the Simpson Strong-tie H 10 clip. Depending on what it is rated for, it may be more than a clip…
You would have to know what the code was for that area as well as what the strap is and rated for.

Robert Sheppard writes:

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Take John’s course, you’ll be fine.

That is the one. Thanks.


Soooooo, what do we mark on the form? :wink: