Wind Mitigation for HO6 policys?

Getting more & more calls on these, does anyone know if there are actual discounts available for HO6 policy holders?


Most of the time likely not, but depends on uf the carrier filed the discounts with their rate filing, but most do not. Its the csr’s at the agency who have been trained to ask for it, just like the requests for 4 points on condos we get lately. They will typically grant shutter discounts however. We always ask the client to confirm with the company that the discounts apply before we take the time to provide one. We usually never hear back.

I’ve had more request lately for condo 4 points also. They tend to ask for them on the foreclosed condos.

I’ve seen a few ask for the 4 points on condos that a different home inspector did the full inspection and the insurance agent got a hold of that inspection report and the report showed polybutylene appearing pipes;-)

I think condos are eligible for discounts, I direct them to the HOA for the windmit unless it’s a condo/townhome situation then we usually provide one.

Thanks Tom.