Wind Mitigation-Gable End and Porch Opening

These 2 pictures show the Gable Ends with only a piece of aluminum siding and the second is a piece of a porch ceiling that goes directly to the attic… Basically a 14’6" x 18’ or 261sqft hole…

I am at a loss as to how to classify this… I listed it as 6. B with Does not meet minimum requirements for Gable End Bracing and 9. K - NO glazed opening wind-borne protection, as there are no shutters/plywood/impact windows.

But should I be noting anything else as to the unprotected hole?

Just wondering how you all would or wouldn’t note it.

Seems good enough. They do not have anything on the form that just says unprotected opening so I believe you did the right thing.

I see you are in my area. Where did you find a house like that? Davie?

As a matter of fact, YES it is in Davie… I could go on and on about the issues with this house… The owner did buy this house a year ago and stated he is getting $800 credit on his insurance bill… I have asked for a copy of the previous wind mitigation… Really interested to see how it was done.

post it, post it :). You can see some real interesting crap in Davie. I grew up out west of it, griffin and 178th. I actually went to the school there in elementary thru some high school. Then I left to Western in the middle of 10th. The teachers and I in Nova just could not get along. :slight_smile: Imagine that. Me not getting along.

This house is out near there… North of Griffin and West of Flamingo… Stick built home… very questionable aspects to building… didn’t mention above that the roof sheething is just over 1/4" and I think only 1 out of every 6 nails hit a truss.

funny THING IS LOOK HOW MANY STORMS IT HAS SURVIVED. i GUESs location, location, location.

Damn cap button :slight_smile:

Maybe I should just learn how to type without looking at the keys.

Looks like the intent was for that to be the gable end vent, as far as the porch, I see that all the time. I don’t think any one in Citrus knows any other way!

Gable end venting such as pictured, should not be considered as an exterior opening for shutter requirements. It is a vent, just like the soffit vent over the porch.

You are correct to Mark as unbraced gable ends.

That’s not Oh so bad! I was surprised to see the 2by4 stiffbacks most of what I see is just a truss at the gable. I understand that the vinyl should be over top of a sheathing but none of this is unusual for back in the day construction and often here it looks a lot more solid than it is as they put a 1/8" hardboard up (that’s all) and then the vinyl or aluminum.

It ought to be reinforced (siding removed, sheathing applied, siding replaced). It probably won’t ever matter, if the big one comes something else will likely fail resulting in total loss. I would have to say that I doubt the gable siding will stay put over 110 MPH.

Another thought: somebody cut out the sheathing that used to be there to make the vent and the siding has no flashing or moisture barrier preventing moisture intrusion below.