Wind Mit Scenario #6

Which of the following should be considered an opening that requires protection?

A). Gable end vents?

B). Window a/c units mounted in windows and walls?

C). Glass block - real glass block set in mortar?

D). Acryllic block window units?

E) Windows in overhead garage doors?


Gable end vents do require protection. Glass blocks need protection in Miami Dade and Broward

A). Gable vents in HVHZ must have protection – In other areas they need not be considered - as per York
B). ??? Looking for input
C). Glass block set in mortar has not been tested to any extent to my knowledge, and would therefore need protectection. Although some contractors lay dur-a wall or horizontal wire reinforcing between block courses, I believe these still need to have protection.
D). Yes
E). Yes

As far as i am concerned all due to how the form is written. I try to go by what the form states and I leave the interpertation up to underwriters and such. If I say something because someone else says so then I am still responsible. As far as I am concerned the form needs to be much more exact maybe they will get it right in September.

All of the above unless on C) they have documentation that the glass block meets the presciptive mehod of installation per Pittsburg Cornings glass block N.O.A.

I didn’t know that – Do you have a copy of these specs, or know where i can find them?
I would be interested to know what they reqiure, probably some horizontal reinforcement like durawall

a. citizens-no, universal- depends on size, others-no windows-yes, walls- no

  • pittsburgh corning has small missile approval
    e. yes
  • Some items are subjective and are not listed on the form, you could technically classify these in the ect. category. Items such as gable vents, crawl space vents, mini split a/c units, roof turbine vents, ect… have only been adressed in an opinionated fashion and have not been officially identified as “openings” for wind mitigation purposes. Until there is an official list of the “grey area” items, I will only “inspect” openings which are identified on the 1802 and/or listed and described in “approved” wind mitigation educational material.

Do you know what Universals size threshold is?

No, and the funny thing is, niether do they. I have spoken with some of the underwriters at length. Gable vents came up, and I was told that protection depended on size, but the size was unknown… It was and has always been a “whose on first” routine with the grey areas on the form. I have chosen not to read into the form(as york suggested)… Who am I to determine what falls under the ect. category? Do crawlspace vents or soffit vents count?

My training stated glass block should be treated like masonry block. However logic should certainly be dependent on the quality and reinforcement in the glass block installation.