Wind Mitigation Inspections

Hello everyone,

Ameripro was just awarded a contract with My Safe Florida Home to conduct wind mitigation inspections in region 3 of Florida, (south Florida).

We will be holding recruitment workshops in the following locations this week. If you are interested in subcontracting, please attend one of these workshops where we will answer all questions, pass out forms, etc.

I know the first question you will ask, so I’ll go ahead and answer it now…The pay rate will be $70 per inspection, $75 if you market it yourself. For inspectors who have never conducted inspections through the program, your first 25 inspections will be paid $50 as these require additional audting and analysis to ensure all aspects are completed correctly.

We currently have many inspectors registered full-time, but for inspectors wishing to these inspections in throughout their week, it’s a great supplement to your weekly income. (If you ONLY do 10 per week it’s an extra $700!)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008 3-6pm
Orlando, Doubletree Castle Hotel
8629 International Dr. Orlando, FL 32819

Thursday, April 10, 2008 11-2pm or 5-8pm (attend only one)
Ft. Lauderdale, Hampton Inn & Suites
2500 Stirling Rd., Hollywood, FL 33020 right off I-95

Friday, April 11, 2008 3-6 pm
Naples, Hampton Inn & Suites
[FONT=Arial]2630 Northbrook Plaza Drive, [/FONT][FONT=Arial]Naples[/FONT][FONT=Arial], FL 34119-8004[/FONT][FONT=Arial][/FONT]

Ameripro was just awarded a contract with My Safe Florida Home to conduct wind mitigation inspections in region 3 of Florida, (south Florida).

I guess that most NACHI Inspectors would like to know …

Who is the owner / Board of Directors of Ameripro?

How long have they been in business.

Since you take the lions share of the money do you provide E & O insurance or other benefits for “Your Inspectors”

When / how often do you pay?

And after you do 25 inspections, you will probably never hear from them again.

who got the rest of the regions

You don’t need E & O on this program

Is anyone near Broward County attending the MSFH class at the University of Florida on 4-15-08? I am interested in car pooling to share expenses if so.

Quorum Services of Tampa got region 2. You can check the MSFH web site to see who got Region 1

Maybe this letter & exhibits (attachments) from a South Florida Attorney to multiple government officials may shed some light on the issues with My Safe Florida Homes, the WCE’s and the battle that is being fought to preserve our constitutional right to work while protecting the public interests and our tax dollars.

This was in response to a letter written by Florida’s CFO Alex Sink asking our State reps to revive the MSFH program.

Thanks to all, remember if you agree with the attached contact your State rep in writting and protest the WCE monopoly.

Jose’ F. Uz, CRC, CPO, CHI, CHC, M-NFPA, FHA-I, FABI & NACHI Certified Inspector
Caribbean**[size=3]Realty Support Services, Inc.[/size]**