Wind Mitigation Nailing

I want to see if I might have made a mistake. I inspected a home and made the point the roof was not re-nailed to code by looking at the hip area because I could not find any nails protruding out in any other areas. Now the sailing realtor and the roofer wants to meet me out there with the buyers to show me I’m wrong which if I am so be it. But look at this picture I took and see if maybe I missed something or does the hip area have to be re-nailed.

I don’t see any renailing. Only staples there. In all the years I have been doing these, I have yet to see a renail job where there were not any shiners.

The weakest element is staples. It doesn’t matter what any of the other trusses have.

It would be an A on my report.

Agree, when a home is built, that roofer has a line of site to view the truss while he is nailing that piece of sheathing, so fewer are missed. On a re roof, they generally go off of feel and often miss.

It would be the same view and feel. The roofers are just sloppier at it, and know AHJ won’t look.

If you get and use a Zircon MT-6 metal detector you will not ever have another argument over guessing where the nails are. Just read the sale and mark their locations.