Condo Wind mitigations

Hi, do you guys do wind mitigations on individual condo units? What could you include if there is no attic access? Opening protection, roof shape, roof permit? Is there a way to pull up the community roof permit, i have not had any luck with public records?

I suggest the client/BA get the info from to COA if not able to verify permit etc.

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Thanks Charles. Do you do individual unit wind mits? How do you go about it? Just opening protection and roof shape if it’s flat or hip?

Just fill out the form like you would do for any other single-family property… ie, No Access = No Access

The only time things change is if you were doing a Commercial wind mitigation covering the whole building with multiple units, (from my memory) you then need a contractors license.

I do a lot of duplex homes (2 units /1 roof) where I have no access to the 2nd unit, but since each unit has its own address the form still works regardless of the condition of the other unit. Don’t overthink it.

Send me the address I’ll check it out for ya. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Hey Marc, I don’t have one I’m currently doing. I did a home inspection in this community before. Is there a way to look up roof permits for associations like this with public online search, or do you have to contact the Hoa?
18001 Richmond Place Dr Apt 920, Tampa, FL 33647

Thanks for the reply Joseph. I think the main problem I’m having is giving the credit if the roof was permitted after 2002. Idk how to find permit info on whole communities.

All twelve bldgs have original roofs from 1999.

If it’s a multi-unit where I can’t get to roof-to-deck, roof-to-walls (think larger complexes) then I refer the client to the COA. If it’s a smaller multi-unit (like 1-4) I just document what I can see for the unit under contract. In general, I ask the agent/client who is responsible for the roof and go from there.

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Thank Marc, is this public records? Homes in Tampa, I look up the permit info at the city of Tampa website or Hillsborough county website. What search do you use?

I have an unlimited BuildFax subscription.
Unfortunately, it’s not offered anymore.
Email me an address anytime. :cowboy_hat_face:

Ok awesome. Thanks Marc!