How would you rate this roof to wall connection?

Came accross this scenerio in the field on Friday.

I looked at a run of about 12 nonwrap straps on this home. They all were positioned with in a 1/2 of the truss and all had three nails. However take a look at the middle nail on this one particular non-wrap strap.

Would this still be considered a “clip” even though the second nail is not driven all the way through?


What do you think a re-inspector would say?:mrgreen:

If it was the only one, I’d instruct the homeowner to have it nailed in properly.
The other issue, is that the nail appears, and I blew the picture up as big as I could,to be dead center of the joint where the two chords meet and may not be in the wood.
In that event, as there is an unused hole above that nail, I’d put a nail in there and call it a day.

A suggestion to everyone who are positing these “what would you call it questions”, post pictures of both sides of the truss.:slight_smile:

strap doesn’t overlap - in my mind it is a clip

Clip. Have the homeowner nail it in.

A nail is a nail is a nail ! clip

If you did not count the nail it would be a toe nail according to the new form

Clip, recommend to the homeowner to nail it in. To avoid issues with possible reinspections.

Thanks Guys,

I am going to recommend the homeowner drive the nail in to avoid any issues from a QA inspection.

However, something tells me the QA would not have been as thorough. IMHO.

My QA would have seen it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine too! Take a picture of one of the other 110 connections that dont look like that.

I probably should have prefaced that by saying not all QA inspectors are bad.

There are good ones and there are bad ones.

We have actually been requested to complete these inspections for homeowner’s who had an original inspection done and then a QA completed.

I’m not 100% sure but I believe the homeowner has the option to have a third inspection done as long as the provider is not the orginal or QA inspecting company. Then the data from all three are compared.

My QA department is my wife:p

Haha what a coincidence