Wind mitigation roof verification

“All roof coverings listed above meet the FBC with a FBC or Miami-Dade Product Approval listing current at time of installation OR have a roofing permit application date on or after 3/1/02 OR the roof is original and built in 2004 or later”

So, if a roof is installed improperly, with some wrong materials, but has a permit dated after 3/1/2002, it is OK to give them the roof credit?

**But if you complete a full home inspection on that same house, you have to call out improper materials / improper installation and call for a repair. **

Appears to be a flaw in the system!

Yes, and there are most likely other flaws as well.

Here’s another one which can be perceived as a flaw…

􀀀 B. All roof coverings have a Miami-Dade Product Approval listing current at time of installation OR (for the HVHZ only) a
roofing permit application after 9/1/1994 and before 3/1/2002 OR the roof is original and built in 1997 or later.

Bold highlighted text…


What would be an example of wrong material?

In this particular case the ridge line was dimensional shingles. Manufacturer specifically calls for ridge shingles, which look like 3 tabs, and they were not secured plus there were over driven nails under them

Oh, and the lead shield were not properly installed

I would be inclined to mark A if the roof were permitted and finaled. Interesting to hear from the guru’s on how they handle this.

On a wind mit I go by permit and NEVER go on the roof. I may be opening myself up to liability BUT if by any crazy chance anyone ever starts to give a crap about fraud and other issues with them I can tell them with a clear conscious that I do as all of the classes I have been around teach.

Do you all really want to make it more difficult???

But you had to go up on the roof for your home inspection and 4 point. Are you now going to have reports with different information on them