Wind Mitigation Training Class in Jacksonville on August 25th, 2011


Bill York Consulting is putting on a wind mitigation training class in Jacksonville on August 25th, 2011. You can go to his website to register at:

It says ASHI members pay $130, everyone else pays $155. What’s up with that?

FLorida ASHI is hosting the event.

I hope Bill is doing OK. I heard his wife was ill. He puts on a great class.

yes, his wife is ill. He seems to be doing OK. and as you know, he does put on a great class. The class is open to all that would like to attend.

Have the new form been issued already, or we still use the 1802 form?


We will all let you know. No way you will miss it I am sure I will be gripping.

I will try to remember and I will personally send you an email when it comes out .

I enjoyed his class! I have taken it several times.

I have also taken Bill York’s class and recommend that if you have not taken a live class this is one of the best.

Thanks for putting the info out Steve…

I love it when the courses interpretation of the form changes and the form remains the same.

Now you are talking like a crazy person, that has spent too much time in hot South Florida Attics!

attic? I just put no access… and show a picture of a chair!

You use pictures, I’ll have to try that. Doesn’t open you to liability?

He is also doing a class at the FABI conference in Ft Lauderdale on September 10

Thanks, Steve. I signed up for it. John, you took the York class several times…did you ever pass?

Is this course CILB approved like InterNACHI’s free, online, CILB-approved Wind Mitigation Inspection course?

Almost everytime:p

Yes. I would not have posted it for everyone if it was not state approved.

Man, why didn’t I think of that? LOL