Window question

What do you call these protrusions above the windows?

Jim King


Architectual Bull****

Besides that…hahaha…it looks like they are intended to be sun shades, presuming the windows face south. How effective they will be is another question, because the solar angle varies over the course of the year, and they may not shade the windows completely in mid-seasons. They probably should have been wider, for that reason. Are they over all the windows, or just those facing that direction?

In theory, the overhang will keep out summer sun but admit winter sun, assuming the windows face south.

Either that or a really cheap, inaccessible patio.

All that assumes that we have sun in Michigan, which we don’t…friggin’ lake effects…what?..Michigan’s nice.:smiley:

Thanks guys. I like Brian’s answer. If I were constructing a building, I would spend that money on something more useful, and yes they are on all sides including north.

Jim King

It probably looked “really cool” on the drawing. :wink:

Architectural Awnings.


cantilevered reinforced concrete eyebrow

Architectual Bull**** With waaaaaay toooooo much time on his hands!

If they’re on all sides of the building, then they are called “silly shades”…but maybe they are to allow the windows to be kept open in the rain? Who knows…I agree, someone had too much time on their hands.

ya, but what are they called

The best I’ve got so far is “Pre-cast concrete sunshade”.

Jim King

Birdie Terrace !!!