Window well,sure probably a nice guy, total incompetence on this subject

loololll c’mon man, if and when water is getting into a basement through n around n under a basement window, you DON’T just install a window well!!! hahahhaa omg smfh

You needed to seal/repair ALL the exterior openings in, around, under the window!

But he sloped it away :joy:

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right!! hahaha just unreal, cannot believe what increasing number of peeps say, do on this subject, sheesh lol

I find that one particularly funny in that he did nothing to correct the actual gap under or around the window.

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correct hahahaaa, ’ I sloped the bottom of the hole’… smfh for the nth time, too many drugs America, and Canada eh

same thing, common sense applies to leaky basements, when the water is first entering through 1+ exterior cracks in foundation wall or cracked deteriorating parging etc then, FIX it, waterproof it correctly peeps, not play with grade lololllll

I wonder if guy in video is a friend of Nachi’s own R Young up there in the north country, got milk?

19:40 “I don’t even care”

That about sums it up. I thought this was a legitimate parody video for the first 5 minutes, then reality set in…

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