Winmd Mit, Bill York Clas and Pearson Vue Exam

I apologize for my absence from the message board these last 3 or 4 weeks.
My husband, Dennis had a triple bypass and is now home.
Modern medicine is a true miracle. Triple by pass on Thursday and home by Monday….
Although he is doing great - he will be out of commission for at least 4 weeks….

There have been several issues that need clarification: - Lots of VERY bad and dangerous information floating around out there.
Ist Subject –
Wind Mitigations:
If you are a Licensed Home Inspector and have at least 3 hours of training with a proficiency exam – You have been qualified to perform these inspections since July 1, 2010.

The September 22nd Meeting with the Department of Finance Office of Insurance Regulations (OIR) supported this affect.

Yes – there is a revised form coming – yes there will be several options you will each and every one have to be on “ LISTS”. They are not affective until they are posted.

But if you have your Home Inspections License and have proof of at least 3 hours of education – today right now – you qualify.

If you are NOT a Licensed Home Inspector and simply have a Contractor or Engineer signing off on your reports – you are playing with FIRE!!! Stop NOW!!
You must be a direct (W-2) employee of that Contactor or Engineer. That means a W-2 employee!!

I have no monitory gain in telling you this. I only have the interest of your care – as this directly affects you ability to obtain and maintain your Home Inspection License.

TRUST me!!
***Citations ARE ***being issued for fraud under Statue 489.127 for Home Inspectors – then they go after the Contactors (or Engineers) thru the DBPR.

Second Subject:
Bill York’s OIR 1802 Class.

I personally negotiated a Hugh discount for Florida Inter NACHI members to receive a $40 discount to attend this class. There are only 2 sites approved for this discount. I couldn’t get this for all 1300 Inter NACHI Members- so I did the best I could.
. This class is NOT REQUIRED!!!
It does not take the place of the InterNACHI Wind Mit training – it enhances it.
Bill York’s class specifically targets the OIR 1802 Form, what information Must be provided and targets how and what to take substantiating photos of.

Attending this class is extremely valuable if you intend to perform Wind Mitigation inspections and you have no formal training about the’ OIR 1802 FORM”
It is NOT required. It has NO CE value. Its just a really &**&% good class. This along with the InterNACHI Wind MIT course available for free at prepares you to provide and perform Wind Mits that will have no rejections.
The only thing I did was get Florida InterNACHI a great discount.
Third Subject

The State of Florida Exam via Pearson Vue:
This exam is valuable for General Licensing ONLY!!!
It is not recognized or honored by any association. PERIOD!!
This exam costs $225.00! Do Not Take This Exam unless you are an inexperienced inspector who will be pursuing licensing based on education only or by general licensing.
If you have taken the Pearson Vue exam and obtained your license purely upon completion of this exam – and are not a member of a National or State association who required you take a proctored exam - please e-mail me at

Very sorry to hear about Dennis. Please pass on my best wishes and tell him to slow down and listen to his doctors advise!

Thanks for the good info in your post and the time you spend keeping us all heading in the right direction.

Ditto on Dennis,
Very sorry to hear about Dennis. With wishes of a speedy recovery. :roll:

Hey Zoe,

Glad to hear that things went well with Dennis. You know that after this he is going to act about 20 years younger. I hope that you are ready.

Get well soon Dennis.

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Hello Zoe,
Best wishes for speedy recovery for Dennis. Thanks for all the info.

Glad to hear your husband is doing well.

For those performing wind mit’s, what signature box are you checking off on the 1802?

I hope Other Professional Licensed qualified to complete the form, Until the form is updated…

Thank you all…
Blain - The last line that says " and other who posess bla bla bla… its the same statue that we now fall under so I’ve been stricking through all that wording and typing in " Licesened Home Inspector" above it.
Been doing that since July with no rejects.
I sign as the licensed person.
But I also send a LOTT of photos to support my findings. ALLOT of photos!
I skimmy my rather round short booddie just as close to those clips or straps as humanly possible for the shots

Glad to hear that Dennis is doing well after his surgery!
Have seen a few ppl in recent years go through it & all have fared fine.
Good luck for a speedy & healthy recovery :slight_smile:

Best wishes for Dennis.
Thanks you Zoe for all you do for us.

The State of Florida exam that is offered by Pearson Vue is The National Home Inspector Exam. If you are near an adjoining state that uses the NHIE for their licensing exam, you might want to take the NHIE as it can be used to obtain a license in other states that require a license. Alabama is one such state.