With very few members left, ASHI cancels member benefits, its podcast, and its national convention (Inspection World)

If you are the last one to leave ASHI… please shut the lights out.


Post your source. ASHI is alive and thriving in Minnesota!


I just shot a show this morning with Brad, ASHI’s former podcast host. He told me ASHI cancelled it and shut it down. Porch hired him to do their podcast. I was their guest this morning. I double-checked by searching the ASHI site and Brad is correct. There have been no new podcasts since April 2021: Inspection Connection | Podcast on Spotify

While there, I clicked through their page of chapter site links. About 1/3 are completely dead links, and another 1/3 or more have no upcoming events or announce events that occurred months or years ago.

Their educational courses are still not U.S. Department of Education accredited. I checked.

Their membership benefits page has nothing of substance. It’s pitiful compared to Membership Benefits and Competitive Advantages - InterNACHI® What few benefits they have are now gone. The only one left is their logo design service. But it isn’t a design service at all. It’s clip art. You pick from clip art, I kid you not. OMG. LOL

Inspection World is definitely cancelled again (numerous sources). I double checked this one as well by going to their site. The Inspection World site only shows information about their 2022 national convention. It’s nearly 2024: Click here… About

Maybe instead of constantly trying to tear ASHI down, you should do a better job promoting NACHI to the agents. You can bash them all you want, but they are still doing a better job of convincing agents to use ASHI members over NACHI.


Many members here have dual membership, mainly because of what you just said. And many builders also require ASHI certs.



Inspection World is “Coming to the inspector” in 2024.


From your link…
We have listened to the feedback from our members who attended IW’23 as well as those who couldn’t make it, and we are pleased to offer a new approach in 2024 by bringing InspectionWorld to our local chapters.
I wonder what that means. Are they doing a zoom call conference to all chapters?


It gets old listening to all the chest-thumping, self-aggrandizing rhetoric; over, & over, etc.


“constantly?” I honestly haven’t been on their website in 5 years. Their former podcast host came to me at the house I’m vacationing at in Florida to do a show and informed me about it. I verified it… It’s true. I can’t help that they keep losing every time the sue me. Maybe that’s why they ran out of money. I have no idea. Bye bye Inspection World.

What do you mean by “over, & over, etc.” I might mention them 3 times a year, max… in addition to every time they lose the lawsuits they file against me. I pay nearly no attention to them. I only found out about all the cancellations because their former podcast host came to the house I’m staying at on vacation to shoot a show with me this morning.

A zoom call? LOL.

Fantastic!!! We are all caught up on all the gossip. Listen to what YOUR members are saying in this thread and do something to promote them.


Who is ASHI? :wink:



Who’s ‘I-Ron’??


An ASHI guy.


I rarely get into this ASHI-InterNACHI dispute for several reasons. I have some good friends who are ASHI. A few belong to both organizations, mostly because they have friends in ASHI but admit they get more from their NACHI membership. For me, there is no comparison. InterNACHI, hands-down, not even slightly debatable, gives you more bang for your money than anything ASHI has done for its members cumulative over its entire existence.
I don’t particularly have anything against ASHI, but they did lie to me in my only dealings with them. I was a NAHI member and chapter president back when NAHI folded. ASHI offered all of us a free 1-year membership and then reneged on the offer.
InterNACHI honored the same offer to us, and it didn’t take me long to wonder why the heck I hadn’t joined sooner.
ASHI is running on its legacy name. And so far that is enough to keep it limping along. A large suburb of Denver recently passed an ordinance requiring inspections on all rental units by ASHI members. The amusing thing is that I have gotten a few calls from rental owners frustrated that they are having trouble finding an ASHI member to inspect their places. About 10 years ago, there were a good sixty ASHI inspectors around here, but maybe not so many now.

Good for them. When I was president of the Denver NAHI chapter, we were one of the country’s largest NAHI chapters and the largest west of Pennsylvania & the New England area, but that didn’t save NAHI from going under.
It is probably too soon to call the priest for ASHI, but the priest has left his cell phone number with the family.


I prefer them to “limp along” rather than go completely under as they kind of keep my flanks from being invaded by a new association startup.

Anyway, I made some calls. They cancelled 2024 Inspection World too. No plans to have another national convention. This probably opens the door for Porch.

That’s funny, you created two threads that mentioned ASHI in the past week and mentioned ASHI in another post two weeks ago. You created a thread offering Free Bud Light to ASHI members (which mysteriously disappeared), and another thread comparing website traffic in February.

I counted at least 6 times in the last 6 months that you mentioned ASHI in a post.

You should be charging ASHI back rent for living in your head.


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