WM with Plywood Panels

I’m doing a WM with plywood panels this week. Since I assume plywood panels are not rated, am I looking for any specific characteristics or do I just check off the boxes for plywood panels on the 1802 form?

Do they go inside the window well or mount to the exterior?

They have to comply with 1609 FBC-2007 in order to select “C” for Q7…most don’t. As far as I know, insurance companies are not providing discounts for plywood storm panels anyway.


I’ve yet to run into plywood shutters where they were properly installed. And as Brad has said, insurance companies aren’t very “fond” of them anyways.


Exactly, I have never seen them installed properly.

So, what box gets checked if the panels don’t comply? X - No windborne debris protection?

Sorry - I haven’t seen plywood panels before. Is the owner supposed to just screw them into the structure or will there be an anchored fastening system like with metal/lexan panels?

They’re supposed to be pre-drilled every 6" to 8" depending on the window size, and they should have the hardware to install them. They should also be marked as to which window they are to protect.

12" to 16" is standard on a normal size single window…look at the table for specifics. The fastening hardware is required to be already installed on the wall, and the panels must be precut and predrilled, i.e. ready for deployment.

Michael, if all glazed openings have plywood panels, but are not compliant, select N(ii). If no fasteners are installed, select X.

There is no req’t for the panels to be labeled as to where they belong.

If they meet the minimum criteria and the client want’s them documented ,it’s just like anything else. Who am I to deny them a possible credit? The only time I never document for opening protection is when all openings are not protected.

Agreed. It’s called “Standard of Care” and can be done easily by labeling the photos correctly Mr. MM.:wink:

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