Woodpecker Damage Prevention and Inspection. A new InterNACHI inspection article.

Woodpecker Damage Prevention and Inspection.

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A rubber snake in the gutter repels wood peckers. Just do not forget it is in the gutter when you hang your christmas lights.

Recent inspection.

(Qoute) The ability of woodpeckers to drill holes into solid wood without harming their eyes and causing damaging brain concussions has attracted the interest of physicians concerned about brain damage in humans and studies have been made since the 70’s but no determinations have been made.

Great one Gary or when cleaning leaf blockage! LOL

*To prevent brain damage from the rapid and repeated decelerations, woodpeckers have evolved a number of adaptations to protect the brain. These include small brain size, the orientation of the brain within the skull (which maximises the area of contact between the brain and the skull) and the short duration of contact. The millisecond before contact with wood a thickened nictitating membrane closes, protecting the eye from flying debris.*