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**"I don’t see how CAHPI’s National Certification has a chance in hell of being converted into any kind licensing law, too association biased, too much approvals of everything (which really means disapproving stuff), too impossible for new inspectors to enter the industry, too much reliance on a private (very private) trade association. Nor do I ever see MICB’s CMI becoming any part of a licensing law. Licensing sets *minimum *standards, not high ones like CMI. I will say that CAHPI’s National Cert thingie and MICB’s CMI are good for what they are… professional designations. **

But by Christmas eve, I’ll write up a little report on what I think will come of MICB’s CMI, CAHPI’s National Cert thingie, and potential licensing of Canadian inspectors in the future. I’ll post my thoughts here by Christmas after my rounds in Canada next week."

Nick, I am pretty sure that the Christmas falls on the 25 December in the United Sates as it does here in Canada. Can we expect the report anytime soon?


Nick is busy doing fashion photos over at Pro Lab.

Work with me baby! :smiley:

What’s next; “Victoria’s Secret”?

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Next year Victoria’s Secret will be putting scratch and sniff cards in their catalogues. :mrgreen:


The Calendar is not full of cold models who have no connection to us, or worse… digital models that don’t exist at all. It is full of real warm women who work every day for NACHI members.

We outplayed Ahriman again, using one of his own tools.

We didn’t say they were cold models, they look pretty warm blooded to me, and I am sure George too! :wink: They are all natural beauties!

I have no idea who Ahriman is?

How about a Women of NACHI calender.

And don’t even think about a NACHI Guy calender, it’ll make me sick


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lol…well I tried to picture it myself and nearly passed out…guess we will PASS on the NACHI GUY calender…I like the ProLab’s better…:slight_smile:

Nick, your report . . . . . ?

“What?” “Where am I” “Everything just went black and my head started spinning…”

“What?” “Paul…thong?” oh my! passes out:twisted:

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No you can’t get VD but your computer can get real sick.

Do not ever put a CD into a computer that you value if it is from someplace where it could have a virus. Put it into a junk computer that you do not care about and scan it for viruses and ad-ware before you put it into your working machine

I even checked RR’s disks before using them


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Well, it could either be a compliment or something else to Paul. :wink:

You know…I’m only going to be wearing black leather tied together with pink satin ribbons and five inch platform heels…

Of course that will either get people to buy the CD’s, or send them screaming in terror…

Probably the second. :wink:

Are you selling CD’s now?

Is there anything remotely associated with NACHI and/or Home Inspection that you haven’t tried to spin off and make a buck at yet? I mean without actually going out in the Field and performing an inspection for compensation?

Also,where do you find the time to reply to every thread that is on this board?

I don’t know you form Adam, but somehow I know more about you then I do some members of my own family, you do realize this is an Internet BB, right?

Lady, get a life.

You are hilarious. I am gone most days, most of the day. I also have to share internet time with two teenagers and a pre teen. Your illusion of how much time I spend here, not to mention your inability to discern humor from reality, is indeed a sad affair. It is also sad that you know more about me than members of your family, and speaks more perhaps to your lack of interaction with them, than any time I may spend posting on the BB.