Worm drive hose clamps on water line entrance

Are hose clamps allowable on a main water line as it comes into the basement? There are a lot of them used here, and I’ve noticed some other amateurish work in this house. I don’t see a lot of plastic water service lines in my area, so I’m not very familiar with them.

I’m assuming your talking about city water and not well water. I don’t like it, but some municipalities, townships, villages, etc. allow it. Have the client check there if they wish to see if it’s legit

I see it on many of the well systems, cisterns and pond water supplies in my area. The proper way is to use 2 clamps per each connection with one clamp being opposite of the other. If I see only one clamp I suggest a second clamp be added.

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I would have used compression fittings with a union if needed.
And get rid of the black plastic.

I agree.
I have though seen many times the use of these fittings when using PE pipe from wells.

Same here, Joseph. :smile:

Thank you for the replies! This is a municipal supply, so I recommended further evaluation by a plumber.