Would you pay $75 for an UltraStinger flashlight? Is that a good deal?

Thanks Nick. Just bought two.

LOL! Yes, I have had to “illuminate” several suspects!!!:twisted:

Do these come with a holder by chance?

I just placed an order.



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I use an UltraStinger at** my cop job** as well as inspecting…GREAT light, and I also paid about $120…$75, with charges, **is a STEAL!!!/**quote] :D:D:twisted::lol::lol:

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I wondered if anyone would catch my play on words there…I can always count on you, Chris!!!:mrgreen:

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Hey that’s my job, I’m an inspector.

Sorry, not in my budget. I have to save the $75 to get a fingerprinting and FBI criminal background check here in Kansas on me, even though no one else has to in any real estate transaction, home building, or lender. Sounds like a good deal, however.

WTG, Nick!
I always figured these had been overpriced!
My order’s in. thanks!!!

Hey Nick,

I assume these include batteries?

Yes. 1 big rechargeable one. I’ve used one of these regularly for 4 years and never had to change the battery.

I have 2 already…bought 2 more…what the hell.

One member just bought 20.

Nick, do we get a email confirmation? I bought two and haven’t received anything. Shipping info. ETC.


If you periodically turn the light on and leave it on overnight, and totally drain the battery, it won’t develop a memory and will last for years. I do it about once a month with mine.

Once a month?

All orders where shipped today. We mailed them by USPS Priority Mail. Monday is a national holiday, so you should all get them on Tuesday.

Thanks Jeff,

The Ni-Cad battery had me wondering about that.


When your Aunt Flo comes to visit Wayne. :twisted:

Hi Waynie! How are you?


If you don’t have room in your budget for these, make room. This is a great deal. I own three of them, and the least I was able to get them for was $100.00.