Wow...I am SHOCKED!

Hey Guys,

I just have to say this. I frequently visit the “students” area of the Educational Forum from time to time where students post things about electrical and I guess it is part of their educational platform where they have to post something after they take a course.

However, the things they are posting without anyone correcting them means they actually believe that what they are posting is correct. While some items are factual, the majority is simply flat out wrong.

This is sad because it appears that NO ONE is moderating it and correcting them when they are wrong which should be apart of the LEARNING process.

And I sure am not going to be that person…that’s obviously something that belongs to NACHI to handle. Anyway…I would be embarrassed to see some of the posts and know they just finished some education program sponsored by NACHI.

I have not been apart of anything NACHI for over 8 years or so…it has gone downhill, at least in the electrical area.


The educational forums and the “required” postings are just there as a ruse to generate more posts to the forum.

They have all but crowded out any of the genuine topical posts.

Sad we have a lot of great members who tend to stay away more.

*A reseptikle is the same as an outlett.
You can plug stuff in to en-gernize it unless you use too many plugs.

Then the circuit stopper will stop it unless the breaker is broken up.
They are usually black in color*.

Yes, exactly. I am agree with you. Lots of reputed member who are trying to contribute all the time.

Hoe Lee Shhh It.



I like to come to the forum to learn, but a lot of the time the issue that is brought up gets hijacked by a personal beat down. I don’t know how many people realize that some of the forum questions come up on google and people don’t find answers they find a—holes. Paul, it is great to have you around and thanks for bringing up the subject.

Paul, I feel your pain. I recently watched part of a video on YouTube and although the two guys in the video seemed knowledgeable the electrician made several errors stating things that simply were untrue.

I would think that if you’re creating training videos you would hire an expert to critique them so that they can be edited before you let people who are just learning watch them.

Nick has decided to put “moderating” the educational forums on Us (members). When student moderation, or should I say correction and education, should be Nick’s, Ben’s, or an educated member of Nachi’s Staff responsibility.

Most of “us” have chosen to ignore the educational/student forums that have bloated this MB over the last few years.

Well then just get over it
There will be lots more to come…
But, Remember they are just starting out…OK?

Ultimately it all falls back on the top.

When the MB was opened to these student comment threads, I spent a lot of time over many months responding to many, many posts. In almost every instance, my questions, comments, and critiques were ignored. It is obvious that once they received their course credit, they ignored all else. I learned my lesson and gave up. My time is way too valuable to waste on those who fart around and don’t take this seriously. I also blame Nachi for making this MB a craphole dumping ground for such threads. I understand it’s a requirement for Nachi’s “university” status, but I wonder how quickly it would get pulled if the powers that be saw what a FAILURE it turned out to be.


I checked some out today and posted. NOTHING

Some education department. :frowning:

I couldn’t agree more. I did the same and gave up. This screw-up is on Nick.

Now every time I log in I automatically click the Education and Student threads as “read”. No more wasting my time.

That’s what I do.

They are a complete waste of time.

Being a licensed expert/former teacher on WDO/Termite I used to keep
an eye on it to help out but like others I gave up.
Most just post right or wrong stuff for the course completion & never return for input/info.



[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Wrong![/FONT]

AC unit termites?!!?

The reality is that they don’t need to post anything at all. Nobody audits the presence of the posts any more than they audit the quality of the posts. It would be better if they all just skipped it and said that they posted.

Imagine what it will look like if a news publication or competing organization goes through and cherry picks some of the most incompetent postings… There’s a lot they could do with that.

I had to see what all this was about. Some of the posts are incorrect, while others are outright terrible. Even posts by CPI’s could use a lot of work. It seems the training portion is doing little to adequately train an inspector.