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Signing On!

Here is a link to the proposed legislation that is to go into effect in Jan, 2007 in Minnesota for licensing of Home Inspectors.

Presented by Michael S. Saxton
NACHI, State of Minnesota Educational Administrator.
President of the Northern Minnesota Chapter of NACHI

OK Russ -

For the record - here is the site for information on the Indiana Lincensing law -


Thanks Russ, ya beat me to it!:wink:
link didn’t work try this one

Better if it shows up!

Funny, I caught you right in the middle of your editing. I looked at your post and the link wasn’t there but when I hit “quote” your message popped up with the link in it, as if like magic!

Hi guys,
I am thrilled to be here with all of you

let’s get to work!


Hi David, I never claimed to be a magician! I guess I have powers unknown to me. Let me know when your next chapter meeting is, I would like to come to one, and get some ideas for our inaugeral meeting, I am working on getting licensed in WI as I am right next door by Duluth

Also signing on…hope I don’t get hammered one this thread like my last few…:slight_smile:

Signing on as well. David I wouldnt be too concerned about having a good heart, some people need to be suspious by nature to survive.

A reminder to keep an eye on the “Whats New” Section of the Board.

Many times you will find educational opportunities members overlook.

In fact, many members don’t frequent the Board.

Glad to be invited.



Thanks for trying big guy.

As most are aware of the issues facing Wendy Forsyth, Washington State, and after discussion with her, we are in agreement it be in her best interest to stay focused on establishment of her business, before donating all the time and effort required to fulfill the commitment of being a NACHI State Educational Representative / Administrator.

Therefore, Wendy has temporarily relinquished this position.

We wish her well, and shall continue to support her efforts.

I hate to see Wendy go, but that’s a great decision. Hopefully she will be able to break all of her obstacles up into smaller portions, which are more easily overcame than the biggies. Good Luck WENDY!!!

Education comes in many forms.

One of the most overlooked forms, is explaining NACHI benefits to the membership.

Russ Spriggs is now traveling the United States, for NACHI, to assist in this endeavor.

He can’t do it alone.

One of the best and most important new benefits which we feel should be brought to the attention of the membership, is the recent announcement by NACHI, as posted in the “Whats New” section of the Board, entitled, NACHI to publish another newspaper, by Mr. Nick Gromicko.

The newspaper “Welcome Home” can be published, in any quantity, tailored to fit the requirements of your specific region, and shipped, in a matter of days.

Anything informative, the membership would choose to put into the publication, including information about themselves ( free advertising ), can be used.

Imagine the possibilities. Your Own Newspaper !!

Chapters who need funds can sell ads to vendors, realtors, developers, ect, and KEEP THE REVENUE.

I feel we should really make an effort to promote this to the membership.

Let’s make sure all the Chapter Presidents are aware of the program.

Personally, I am near completion of an additional 12 pages, in addition to the 4 that Nick has already completed for us. When finished will order 5000 copies. FREE

Additionally, our Chapter will probably be looking at ordering several more thousand, revenue bearing, issues.

If you may have any questions, after reading about the program, please contact me.

As you can tell, I’m very excited about this offer.



Russell I think this is an awesome concept, In order to test the waters as far as selling ads within,and having something to show prospects, would it be possible to get a sample , or a copy of one from another area that is done, it is hard to sell something people don’t physically see or touch.


Which Chapters have already participated in this program?

There are four pages already set to go. Other information relative to the issue is also posted on the link.

I’m not sure how many Chapters or individuals have taken advantage of this offer. I know when it first came out, several person put their name on a list to get the materials.

Maybe Nick can help us out here.

Lets all welcome Tom Valosin to our group. Tom will be representing New York.

Tom Valosin