Written vs. Form type reports

Would like to get some feedback on opinions regarding written vs. form type inspection reports. I have a form type program with photo areas with Excel abilities. I find it informative but impersonal.

I’ve seen and read some written reports and they seem lacking in detail but more addressed to the client.

What are experienced inspectors having the most success with? I am preparing to start my inspection business shortly.

Home Inspector Pro
Go to top and do a search or click on my link below to get a free working trial.
Go to the site and roam the message board also.

Like Bob said, check out HomeGauge :wink:
Be sure to check out HG Services as well (link below)

Hey Bob (this is like dueling Roberts:D) Hope all’s well in your neck of the woods.

Got slow since last week, but that’s my fault for not marketing more and yes you are right that Home Inspector Pro is the best Report Softare one can use.
I agree with you that it looks great and makes a big impression on the clients thanks to the amazing photo capabilities.:slight_smile:

When you say written vs. form are you talking about handwritten (like pen and paper)?

In either case, look into software. I use HIP and love it - it gives you an opportunity to be narrative AND detailed in the report.

Hip :d