WW2 Photos.. Then & Now

WW2 Photos… Then & Now

This is pretty cool…

Period: 1944 to 2014
This is one of the most incredible forwards I’ve ever received …
I kept going back and forth on each picture and was totally mesmerized!
Now this is an incredible use of technology … Like traveling back in time!

Left click and hold on each photo, and then drag your mouse gently from left to right on the original photograph and it will be become a photo of the exact same location and view in 2014.
Drag it back to the left and you are back in 1944!
Scroll down for more of the same.
Just fascinating !

http://interactive.guim.co.uk/embed/2014/apr/image-opacity-slider-master/index.html?ww2-dday ](http://interactive.guim.co.uk/embed/2014/apr/image-opacity-slider-master/index.html?ww2-dday)

Enjoy… Roy

Thanks Roy

Very cool Thanks Roy