www.overnightprints.com - I'm impressed!!

I created new business cards and ordered them on Sunday morning from www.OvernightPrints.com . In the process I made several errors and was on the phone with them on Sunday to correct the errors. They even corrected one of my errors for me. Customer service was outstanding, is available 24/7 and imagine that, right here in the good ole US of A!!

This morning the cards arrived and I am certainly impressed!!! The card is exactly as I created it. Card stock is heavy 15 Pt. with free UV on front (and back if you wish). I had plain print on back but the price included full color front and back with free UV on both sides. I took one of my old cards and dropped it on the table and you could not hear it hit with a sensitive acoustic listening device. I dropped my new card and it gave a resounding “SMACK”! Really a quality card!! Total cost for 1000 was only $49 plus shipping.

Has anyone used them for other services such as postcards or brochures? If so, how did they turn out??

I just purchased a second round of brochures from them. The first set I received was very good quality and shipped fairly quickly. Didn’t have any problems with them.

I created my last batch of business cards myself, after much research on what I wanted, using OvernightPrints.com’s wizards.
It was so easy, and the cards came out great!
I’ve been pretty happy with them also. :smiley:

I’m looking at creating some brochures and after this experience, and their prices too, I will probably use them.

Thanks for the input!!