OvernightPrints.com Bait/Switch

Really disappointed in www.overnightprints.com , which sent a 10% off discount code by email.
Went to plug it in, on an order where I’d been notified that I “Qualify for free ground shipping.”
Order was $129.95, so I was looking for a new total that was $13 less.
INSTEAD, it went up to OVER the original amount, because they added shipping!
Remove the discount, the price goes down again.
After 20 minutes on “hold” with this company (which calls itself “Christian” and hands out “Angel Cards” with their orders), I was told that the discount and the free shipping are both considered discounts by them (although no where does it say that the free shipping is a discount).

So-called Christian companies like this make me sick. it only adds to the hypocrisy of their lack of integrity.

So, for their $13, this is posted here, as I informed 2 of their employees, before the conversation ended. They had a chance to kick it upstairs to someone who would make it right.

This, after years of ordering from them!

Overnight Prints is offering free shipping to customers who purchase over $75 worth of printed merchandise!! Read the rules below to see if your order will qualify. Take advantage of this offer while it lasts!

  • Applies to continental U.S. addresses only and will be shipped with UPS ground.
  • Orders must be for $75 or more, not including Tax or Shipping.
  • UPS Ground is not guaranteed and may take up to 6 business days to arrive once shipped.
  • Overnight Prints ships from multiple locations worldwide and therefore delivery from any specific location should not be assumed.
  • This offer only applies to basic Ground Shipping. Ground Shipping with Priority Printing is not included in this offer.
  • May not be used with any other discounts unless otherwise specified by the discount.
    *]This offer is only available for a limited time.

. . Which is different than the offer I rec’d, Mike.


I don’t know what offer you received but the “free” shipping offer has the rules as posted.

They should have been able to explain why you didn’t qualify for both IMHO.

I use Vistaprint myself with no problems.

God Bless You Russ