Suggestions for a Ladder

I am in the market for a new ladder. I have been using an extension ladder and have seen some collapsible ladders that I may be interested in purchasing. Any suggestions?

I like my new extend n climb. I have only taken the extension off the van once since I got the new ladder.

I suggest you go with a Type-1A.

Members are split between Xtend-n-climb and Telesteps. I personally like teh Telesteps 1600ET or EP, because of the elliptical tubing, non-slip and durable pivoting silicone feet, method of closing and positive lock indicators.

Many prefer the X-N-C because of the way it closes. Choose your preference.

Stay Away from the cheaper knock-offs. Those things will put pins in your bones.

Thanks for the information, good start to my research!

I have a 17 ft little giant for exterior and 12.5 ft extend and climb for interior. This setup works well for me.

Telesteps. easy and light