Looking To Add An other Ladder

OK I have and am a fan of the little giant as I have a few of them. I am getting tired of lugging those heavy things up 2 and 3 flights of stairs just to pop into a scuttle hole. So I am looking to pick up a LIGHT Weight 6 footer, any suggestions?


ClimbTek Ladder 12-foot (CT412)

The ladder was previouly made by Krause. I have used this one daily for over 10 years.

I like my Telesteps and use it for most everything. I do recommend the wide step version as it is more comfortable when standing for a prolonged period of time. Let the debate begin.

Ever try the little giant ultra step, its what i use inside.

I use a 6’ LITE or FEATHER LITE ladder.
It is solid. Yes the little giant is great. I own a knockoff.
Will buy a L.G. when the company stats to earn its keep.

I use the Xtend & Climb for everything. My Little Giant ladders rarely come out of the truck.

Same here. I use my big ladder mostly around my own house, occasionally on job site. Were I buying today, I would opt for the heavy duty Extend and Climb model, perhaps the 15 ft. Great for narrow stairs, hallways and closet scuttlehole accesses.

I have one similar and really hate it. It is older and tough to operate.

That looks like it would be great for wind mits and roof condition inspections. Any negative points about it?

The extend ladders ( I will look up the brands that I have read have issues)will hopefully be off the market on day or re-engineered with a stricter safety standard…
They are problematic.
The self closing auto-locks look like they have entered the key or pathway to the latch but in reality they are not locked, and do not self-lock when extending the ladder. Even a visual inspection does not guarantee success. the latch itself or the acceptors entrance gets clogged up with grit, gumming, grim, dirt, and restricts the auto-lock from doing its job.
I say stay clear of these systems ( do not know about the brand names ) and read-up on the potential safety hazards.
They have rounded feet, not allowing for anchoring into loam or earth and if you are on a slope they can slip. On any flat nonabrasive surface they can be problematic if you are a novice at using ladders… ( my opinion )
They are not that light in comparison to a normal 2 stage track ladder.

Hummmm…I like that. The video looks good, I am just getting so tired of lugging my little giant around up and down 3 level houses just to pop into the scuttle hole.


You must have the Werner. (Have one of those too)
Releases for each part are 2 latches operated independently.
The Climbtek has a single lever
that operates both latches simultaneously.

Krause went out of business over this feature. (Safety / Latch Failures)
Climbtek bought the patent and perfected the latching mechanism.

got the Telesteps 1800EP for $325 inc. shipping from home depot.
pretty good ladder, real study, but bulky, cumbersome, unlike their older models.
probably would not buy it again.

Just some reviews. Watch your fingers, " and your life in my opinion."http://www.checkthishouse.com/3025/telescopic-ladders-review.html

Nope, good quality, easy to handle and transport, goes from 5-8’ step ladder. Love it


I have considered a smaller one as well for inside only, or when I need two ladders.:smiley:

Peter, what was bulky or cumbersome about the ladder? I use the 1800W and don’t find an issue at all. Fits easily in the trunk of my Caddy. I wonder what the difference is between the 1800W and the 1800EP.

For those that buy a telescopic ladder without ever having used one, do yourself a favor and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. I can almost guarantee that you will pinch a finger or hand if you don’t. We always tell our clients to read the manuals and instructions, yet we don’t seem to follow the same directions… :wink:

Inside a house I ONLY use Telesteps OR X-Tend & Climb. However, they NEVER touch dirt, mud or crap outside. Outside its the 17’ LG.

Never had a problem with any of them. both telescoping ladders are 300#

Just bought a Werner 16’ folding ladder from Lowes on sale at $129, nice.

The 17 LG is a Little Giant. They have earned a safety standard.
Ladder safety is no laughing matter and to be taken quite seriously.
Ever year home inspectors are hospitalized or die unnecessarily.
This is a serious matter.
1,2,3 approach must be taken.
1: Safety education: easily learned through CSST , your local fire-hall, or government or OSHA website.
2: Maintenance: Ladder maintenance and periodical visual and mechanical inspections.
Technical exhaustive evaluation performed on ladders for ware of moving and non moving parts.
3:Repair or replacement:
OSHA:ladder guidelines, OSHA approved rung spacing requirements.
Wikipedia LADDER
Ladder safety
Ladder usage: Safely handling ladders.
Lets make InterNACHI inspection safety a priority for us all.