You can't make this stuff up.

Did an inspection of a house, today. Owned by a Polish guy who also works construction. No slam intended to Polish people, but around here there are many Polish guys who do “construction” work and flips, but have no training or licensing and don’t pull permits. Chicago is the land of “it ain’t illegal if they don’t catch you”.

The thing that grabbed me was the really excellent workmanship, but doing the wrong thing.

Large and spacious basement bathroom, but with gas furnace and clothes dryer in closets off bathroom (not allowed around here. No gas fired appliances in bathrooms of sleeping areas).

No vent fan, but openable window. but when opened the window opened to a brick wall because it was bricked over.

Nice marble tiled shower, but look at the placement of the faucet and one of the shower nozzles.

Non-compliant rear deck. 6 different types of exterior wall covering.

Code history showed a ling history of work being done without permit. 6 failed inspections, 2 administrative hearings and one court hearing.

Client walked away.

Your client walked away? I can’t imagine why!:wink:
Some people are just so “picky”\:D#-o

Yeah, Frank. Go figure.

It’s called job security for a home inspector. :slight_smile:

When i got off boat i could not spell kontractor, today i r one.

Was there a violation that they didn’t perform would be the better question? Unreal! :smiley:

Well, now we have heard from the Polish community. :wink: