Let's play "Find the Defects"!

OK. Looked over an apartment building in a poor neighborhood. The owners were working to renovate it, but got shut down because they had no permits and the workers were cheap clowns. So, the owner is selling it and someone else will take up the renovation, hopefully they will have enough money to do so.

In any case, each unit (4 in total) had new water heaters, but their installation left much to be desired.

Can you spot all the defects? (this is Chicago, so your local requirements may vary.)

For the rotationally challenged.

Ahhh. That’s much better. Thanks. I was having trouble uploading it.

So, I can see four major defects, at least from the Chicago requirements perspective. Any more?

  1. I cannot see a dirt leg on the gas line
  2. No TPR discharge tube
  3. Tape on the flue joints
  4. single wall vent within 6" of the wood shelf and whatever the window frame is (if its wood).

Vent pipe is installed with negative angle and is improperly installed through a functional window.

There appears to be some kind of wire extending down from the ceiling that is in contact with the vent pipe.

Gas line is improperly installed, is not properly secured and lacks a drip leg.

TPR extension pipe is not installed.

No expansion tank is installed.

Inadequate combustion air.?

Dielectric fittings are inadequate at the joints.?

Should be copper plumbing within 18" of the tank. ( at my local)

The heater is on its side.

Flex gas piping is not allowed (unless a movable appliance) and the drain pan is not, itself, drained. Flexible supply piping is also not allowed around here.

This place was a real do-it-your-selfer’s cluster F*@^. They were duplexing, up, the 2nd floor units to the large attic area, but just kept the 2 x 6 ceiling joists. BTW: The 2 x 6 joists were also top notched for new water and electrical. What a mess.

What was on the other side of the window? Probably not a code compliant gas vent.

Ah, I almost said we are not allowed to mount our water heaters on their side. :slight_smile:

Hard to tell for sure on some but here are some that look like may be defects. And may vary by area.
No sediment trap
Flex hose on gas
No shut off on gas
No TPR discharge
We can not put TPR on top
Not sure what vent is but does not look good
Are vent pipes screwed together underneath tape