You don't know what you don't know until you know it.

I’m taking the ITC Cert I class right now. I love this stuff.

The title to this thread sounds familiar have I heard it somewhere :p;-)

We did some lab work in class to demonstrate the emissivity of different materials. This entire surface is heated to the same temperature. The varying emissivity causing the camera to read different temperatures. You can use the known temperature to adjust and find the emissivity of the other materials.

I told you it was a good class.

I enjoyed it when I took it.

Is there a link or website for information on this class?

So I guess setting your camera to the right emmisivity would be good. Maybe another reason to get a good camera.

So I guess setting your camera to the right emmisivity would be good. Maybe another reason to get a good camera.

And some training. Otherwise you don’t even know what emmisivity is.:wink:

Here are some free online classes. And also the information about the certification classes. I chose ITC because they require continuing education to maintain your certification.
Click herefor the info.

FYI, to those interested in learning a lot about thermography, especially, home inspection relevant thermography issues, the infraspection course for home inspectors is excellent. The typical price is $995 but it is $195 for InterNACHI members. It is very in-depth and covers emmissivity, Delta T, Heat Transfer, Thermal Conductivity, Environmental reflections, and much more in great detail. The course is very thorough and a bargain at $195. In addition, if you decide to take the Level I Thermographer class through Infraspection, they will deduct the $195 off your tuition fee.

Good, but nothing beats hands-on.

Definitely not saying not to take the Level 1 course. I’m just saying not everyone can spring for the $1,500 - $1,800 course right off the bat. The Infraspection course is $195 and is specific to Home Inspectors and then if you want to pursue the Level 1 course, infraspection will credit the $195 towards tuition. Win, win.


So how much of an importance does your newly gained knowledge have on infrared technology applied to home inspections?

And what did you not know that you didn’t know, but now you know? :slight_smile: :wink:

And congrats by the way! :slight_smile:

Emissivity and thermal tuning are the big ones.

Frank, I know you just got started. What thermal camera did you end up purchasing after your research?

Looks like the thermal imaging training conference will be right here in my home town next month. No excuse for me to miss that!

The flir e60bx.

Does that model measure temperature?

Don’t they all?

Or is that a trick question? :wink: