You only have till midnight.. HIP

I really like Home inspector Pro and the deal Dom is handing out to NACHI really can’t be beat.
After using this software since January it has cut my reporting time in half or more.
What I really like about it is I can design it the way I inspect with ease.
It is comfortable and I don’t really dread doing my reports anymore. And for me that is a great plus.
Do what you want, but that is a great deal for HIP.

I purchased it out of the clear blue thinking it would be another something to throw my money at just to see what would happen …
I’m glad I did !

Roy Lewis
1st Pro Inspection

Can’t see a problem here. HIP is adaptable to any of your needs. What’s the problem in choosing? ;):slight_smile:

I have not a single problem with HIP…None!
The discount for NACHI end and midnight that is my point…OK ?

Well, you did get the best software out there if you want adaptability.:slight_smile:

Does anyone have experience with both HIP and Horizon from C&D? Looks like Nachi pushes HIP while CAHPI pushes for Horizon. Would be nice to have a side by side comparison. Thanks in advance.


adaptability…Thats a twelve letter word!

yes, what’s your point?:slight_smile:

Wow, you cut your report time in half and it only took you 11 months?
Please get in touch with the inspection report god (Bob) and tell him how you did it.
He’s been working on it for 8 years, yes that’s right 8 years, and still can’t figure it out.
Anyone with a normal IQ can master the home inspection industry’s #1 home inspection software, (HomeGauge) developed by a home inspector, in a matter of hours.:wink:

Are you hittin the Crown this early?
Or should I draw you a friggin map…Huh!
Good job in tryin’ to work me, but no!
Peace !

Linas !
You haven’t been arrested again on the **** charges again I hope!
Do we really want to start this again? I don’t.
Just jokin’ with ya! Yep!
Darn ! Did I say that ! The devil made me do it. Ah Huh!

PS: Editing not to get Linas’s panies in a knot…again! He don’t play fair…Nope!

What in Gods name are you talking about, I am just asking questions, and comments on a great software, and sorry I asked.

I’ll know better next time.

Don’t be a wussy ! Cause I know you ain’t.
What is your friggin question ? I’m sorry, but I didn’t get it…really.

Roy, you didn’t mean that, did you? :slight_smile:

You guys rock, thank you!! We had so many people upgrade to Home Inspector Pro from other programs today that I’ll be busy through the night creating new license files and our support team will be helping guys do software template conversions from 3D, HomeGauge , PalmTech and InspectVue for the rest of the week!

NO! typo.