Latest Home Inspector Pro with mobile android license bundle pack

First $450.00 gets it

Is HIP transferable?

hmm I hope so I bought it …
I hope I have a right to sell it …
It’s my property …

No, it’s not transferable unless you requested a limited employee license when you purchased it. Licenses cannot be revoked once we have created them as we’re giving you a permanent license. If you’re having an issue with the software please email me at and we can see what’s going on.

No it’s working fine.
OK I’ll hold on to it then…

I see HIP is your report sample.
Are you teasing potential clients with HIP then using inferior software ?

:smiley: Behave Robert !

OK I admit it , I’m constantly adapting to make my life easier as I’m busy as hell and a one man army .

I’m looking into what platform is best for me and my attack plan, currently HG5 and the support scheduling, and full services in HTML I can place on my site has me excited in addition to video and the potential to display full resolution pics for my customers on my reports.

I love Dom and what he does so I’m certainly not here to get in a pissing match over what is best …

I’m feeling it’s best I actually keep my HIP in my pocket as a reserve …
god knows I’ve spent enough time tweaking the damn template.

I’m going to try and transition into HG in the next 7 days slowly …

I adapt as new technology is available , always will …I’m loyal to my clients and fellow Nachi brothers …not SW companies as they are merely a tool to help me do my job.

Just an FYI Kevin,

HIP’s full integration with ISN offers you a ton more scheduling, office management, tax tracking, etc.

HIP reports are the ONLY software program that can send reports directly to your client and agent to pick up and view reports ON your website.

HIP’s pics are full resolution in the PDF as well.

Okay so the short answer is yes.

Smart man :wink:

OK I’m a fair guy , since I’m so familiar with HIP
I just signed up with ISN and will use them for 60 days to see
how they can help me stay ahead of the curve…

I’ll continue to use my HIP for reports …

then consider the transition to HG5 and their network
support in 60 days time if I’m not running on all cylinders …

Smart man.

I’ve rededicated time and effort into making my HIP software work and I feel I’ve churned out some of the finest looking reports possible with it as of late.

It’s quite frankly not going anywhere…

a work in progress every day adding more comments, color, documents , font etc…

I’m impressed…sometimes you don’t realize what you have

probably gonna be a long time till I trade this for another .

There ya go.
Custom means more work with bigger results.