You want how much?

I can’t tell you how many times I get a call and the first thing someone asks is how much are my prices.

When I tell them, I invariably get the response “You want how much?”

I generally get the inspection because of my approach after this, but what are others experience when faced with this situation?

I just repeat myself. Their choice to hire or not.

Is there much competition in your area Paul?

Yes as its the largest metro area in Minnesota, lots of inspectors but you know, some are always busy and others barely work.
I have been busy with the 203K inspections and have not marketed beyond my website and still get most of my referrals from loan officers.

I would say the Twin Cities is a good place to be a home inspector.
Average fee here is $350- $400 for a 2000SF home but we have inspectors charging $175- $200 also.

Good to know what’s going on in other parts of the World. Thanks for sharing.