Your Opinion?

What do you think about these IR cameras?

I asked last year and you did not think the res was good enough for Home Inspection.

I was also told that service would be hard to come by.(That was from you guys)

The Rep is a nice guy that I spoke to on the phone,and they have been emailing this week.

This look familiar?

Jason Kaylor – JJ
VP of Specialty Products
AC Tool Supply](
Fluke Thermal Imagers
Testo Infrared Cameras
HotShot Hi-Rez Infrared Cameras
Fluke TiR1 Resources](
FLIR B60 Resources](
Retrotec Duct & Blower Door](
Energy Auditor Talk](

Funny looking…



Having had experience with some of their other equipment, its not exactly of space shuttle quality. It is what it is.