Your Opinion?

This camera cost $3000.

What say ye?

My first reaction made me think of the cheap battery drills and how they feel and operate at a “cheap level”. I could be wrong but thats usually the case with lower cost tools.

Not bad…Looks a lot better than the Extech i5/Flir i7.

As long as it takes quality pictures and does the job correctly I don’t care how it feels. I will spend 3K any day over 6-8K for a better feeling models.

Actually the Testo’s are not bad. I have not yet had a chance to horse around with their new ones. The original 880 series had a couple of flaws that I really did not like. For example the picture in picture took up the lower left hand part of the screen. It could not be moved to the middle. It was complety annoying. I did however really like the case (frame). It is magnesium, I am not sure if that is the same on the new models. I also liked the fact that they had a 33hz out on the 880-1 and 880-2.

Testo makes really good HVAC related test & measurment stuff. I never recommended their generation 1 (880) over the Fluke or FLIRs, but I would not be surprised to see them compete hand in hand with both of the big boys eventually. I also would not be surprised to see more companies like Bacharach, UEI, AEMC and others enter the IR market.


We carry the Testo cameras, even though they are not listed there. Here is a good PDF for their new cameras:


Looks good, But your the teacher John what do you think?
I think it would be good for any home inspector that wants to use one but doesnt want to flip 5 to 7 thousand into one. the most important part that more inspectors use one.It has saved my butt several times .I be interested in what your comments on this model would be.

Give me some examples how IR has saved you at past home inspections. I’m trying to figure out what direction I’m going to go once I get my cam.

I never used this model… that is why I was seeking out others who may have tested it.

I see a nachi member is listed on the testo site.

If Barry is using it must be a decent camera.

Simple SEO listing… I can assure you Barry is not using this imager.

It still mystifies me that inspectors are looking at THE ABSOLUTE CHEAPEST way to enter into this field…

I steer away from any manufacturer who does not post ALL of the imagers specs to be readily seen. In the ad posted above, all I see is Image resolution and absolutely no mention of thermal resolution among other things. Get quality education first and then look for an imager that meets your needs and future expectations. Not vice-versa.

Simply my opinion… many others will disagree.

Good advice Will.

John that is a listing in our infrared directory. The testo site is, sorry I listed the Testo link above as our Testo catagory. The PDF above listing all the new Testo cams is from Testo’s site.


Jason, how can I get listed in your IR directory? and do you every get calls for work up this way?

Thanks, Pete

The jobs I post on here, are usually people calling in wanting to rent cameras. I normally talk them out of it, because they have zero experience in infrared. I then try to find someone in their area to do the job. Normally for the end user, it is about the same price to have someone come out as renting a camera.


I say that if you’re going to compare yourself to a “competitor”, grow a pair of nuts and name them or get out of my office you freakin’ school yard sissy :wink:


The problem is that competitor is sue happy and likes to serve people with cease and desists. Can’t say I blame the OP.


Well in a week or three I should have my new TIR 32. I’ll post an unbiased side-by-side comparison for the 32 and my B-60.

I’m sure to piss a few people off but hey…that’s what I do :wink:

Missing insulation where it could be seen from the attic, leaking drains on ceiling where it had been painted recently, and so on Billy .
Email me if you want

Here’s a common one…

Client complaint…

“You said my water heater worked but when I moved in it was dead”

My report…

Hot water was available at all fixtures.

Documentation like never before.