Zinsco panel

I have heard zinsco panels have some problems, and I would like to get some info on these panels. House was built in 68, probably original panel.
This is the first one I have seen.


You can check the archives or google it but in the mean time,

courtesy of Jeff Pope:

The home is currently equipped with a (FPE/Zinsco). (FPE/Zinsco)
load centers are considered problematic by industry professionals due to their high failure rate. Failure of any component with in the electrical system can result in fire and/or electrocution.

In most cases this is followed by a replacement recommendation. Ocassionally, I’ll recommend "further evaluation by a state licensed electrical contractor to determine the safety, integrity and performance of the service equipment.****"


Also Sylvania Panels (Zinsco)

Others to watch out for are federal pacific. Similar problems.

Having tested plug-in Zinsco breakers for over 30 years, It is common they trip early but not common for them to not trip at all. There is also a copper busbar kit available to replace burned buss.

14 years later :surfing_man:

hopefully he didn’t get zapped by the Zinsco panel.

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