10 Reasons not to use Spectora

  1. If you like to spend time with your kids and wife, don’t use Spectora

  2. If you like to spend hours finishing your report at home and not finishing onsite don’t use Spectora

8 ) If you have hobbies taking up too much time, don’t use Spectora

  1. If you find yourself with time to hang out for beers after inspections, don’t use Spectora

  2. If you hate state-of-the-art technology always implementing, don’t use Spectora

  3. If you want to grow with more business from seller’s agent converts don’t use Spectora.

  4. If you don’t like good reviews from agents stating “easiest readable report they’ve ever seen” don’t use Spectora.

  5. If you like to upload videos to youtube then insert links or take pictures with a external camera don’t use Spectora

  6. If you love having 4 separate systems to run your business, don’t use Spectora

  7. If you don’t want to grow or want to retire soon then DO NOT USE SPECTORA!

In all seriousness after a buddy finally talked me into it my company has doubled this year from referrals and sellers agents alone. My biggest issue is hiring enough people to keep up with the constant demand month after month. These guys are awesome to work with and the Software is awesome go ahead and get a free trial. I have 5 inspectors Spectora pays for itself over and over and over and over Again!
Paul Hegreness


Haha nice post

Alright this is getting stupid, like ten posts all in a row about how wonderful Spectora is - stop already! Nobody cares.

I like to spend time with my wife and kids… Why does that mean I shouldn’t use Spectora?

Haaaa. Good catch.

Looking at the rush of glowing reviews, it is interesting how all of the posters have such few posts. But I guess that it also makes sense…with years invested and thousands of prewritten narratives, it would take a lot for me to switch from HIP. But if I was starting out, I would likely look into it.

The reports do look good and with the cost of ISN, the pricing would be cheaper than what I am paying now.

Healthy competition is good for the consumer and hopefully it will push the more established companies to keep improving.

Yup, users are coming onto NACHI to support a product we believe in. A small company that is a game changer. A product that has HIP and HG standing up and recognizing there is a small, but effective product on the horizon.

Did you know Spectora has a program to help HIP and HG users to transfer all those narratives right into Spectora? It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good.

I don’t post much on NACHI, because people tend to blow others out of the water with negativity or snarky comments; I wasn’t about to dive into that mess. However, I will absolutely throw out my support for a great product trying to grow basically through word of mouth.

This review cannot be further from the truth. We recently purchased Spectora. My only complaint was the lack of delivered deficiencies. Here is what we have found:

Inspector Mobile Ease of Use: GREAT

Multiple Inspectors on One Inspection: Works, but each inspector must work on separate categories.

Multiple Inspector Support: GREAT

Administrative Staff Booking & Scheduling: GREAT

On-line Booking: Needs work. We had to turn it off.

Desktop Version: very intuitive and user friendly

Editing Reports: cut my time from 1 hr to 10 minutes. The key is to build a good library of deficiencies so that the inspector only has to click on the deficiency. Spelling and typos go out the window.

Company Support: GREAT. Right now it is done via chat. They are very quick to respond.

Client Response has been GREAT.

Realtor response has been SPECTACULAR. They love the new on-line reports.

On-line Repair Request Builder: GREAT. We had one realtor build her repair addendum in 3 minutes using her cell phone!

Software Upgrades have not been disruptive. We have had no down-time.

Mobile version works when you cannot connect to the internet. It will sync later.

OVERALL: I don’t know where this guy was coming from, but our experience has been very positive. We reviewed and did trial runs HomeGauge and several other leading inspection software companies. In my option, Spectora is the best.

Mike Lovelady
Magnolia Home Inspection Services

@Mike Lovelady

Re read post #1 then revisit your post…

Joined Spectora last week and so far I think it will be a HUGE improvement for me over my previous reporting method.

However, I have spent a crazy amount of time configuring and setting it up so far. I expected it to take a lot of time, don’t get me wrong, but it seems like it is taking me way more time than expected to set up my Template. Is it just me, or is the available Comment Library extremely minimal? Is there something I am missing?

I have spent several hours each day for the past week adding my own comments in for Defects, Limitations, etc. This is something I did not expect to have to do to the extent I have been. Any input/advice from seasoned Spectora veterans?

Hey Richard!

Welcome to the Spectora family! We’re happy to have you.

Our base template has ~600 comments in there that most new inspectors start with and build from there. We found experienced inspectors either imported comment libraries or wanted to start with another inspectors library (found in the Template Center). Are you adding new comments on the fly while doing inspections via the “Save to Template” function?

Our Facebook User Group is pretty helpful if you’re on there, so I’d post there for more help!

You can also email me directly if you’d like me to connect you with some Spectora veterans.

Thanks and talk to you soon!

I don’t use Spectora, but I have been modifying my templates regularly for nearly 20 years…you’ll never be done. And most programs come with comments and narratives that won’t suit your needs, it’s the nature of the industry.


This is pretty funny.