Can someone name this reporting software

Currently I use Home Inspector Pro as my reporting software but I’ve been having multiple realtors show me these reports that they love the format. See attach Summary Page. I’ve looked for months at different software samples and haven’t found it.

That’s Spectora. Been using it for over a year and love it.

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Thanks Eric! Going to see about a demo now

Why do you give one flip about what the ‘real-zoids’ say about liking or not liking the software you use to develop your reports?

Don’t you do your reports for the home buying client that you have a contract with?

Your clients should be your prime focus and not the ‘real-zoids’.

But then if you are in the ‘real-zoids’ hip pocket as “their inspector” then I guess I can understand why you want to cater to that crowd.

Bad business practice in my view.


Excellant example of why realtors love that crap!
They ‘glance’ down the list for all the ‘RED’ listed comments, and ‘ignore’ everything else!
Ex. they scroll down and see:
“Exterior Doors- Keyed from both sides” and totally overlook “Windows- Frame Damaged”!!
$100 says they NEVER bother to read the associated full comments for more specific detail.
Realtors suk… so do BAD inspectors with crap reports!!


Wow, you guys are jaded. My clients are the home buyers and the agents I choose to work with act as advocates for my clients. They want a readable report and my report was offering less. I think a good business practice is to be receptive of others opinions and not use derogatory terms for their profession. Obviously there are unscrupulous realtors out there. My experience is that many are looking out for their buyers and want them to have a good home buying experience. Negative attitudes can shed an unprofessional light on the work you do, I’d keep it in check. That’s my advice!! Thanks for the reply


Texas must be fantasy land where ignoring realtors gets you more business


this is why I have never given a summary, it hasn’t hurt my business at all

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I have not prepared a Summary since about 2007. Only one realtor since, (that attended the inspection and asked how fast she would get the Summary… NOT the report), has ever bitched about it! My client is the recipient of my work… NOT the realtor. In fact, I DO NOT forward a copy of the report to a realtor, unless my client specifically asks me to… IN WRITING!! Note: Clients don’t even know Summaries even exist unless a realtor mentions it to them.


Wow! What a radical move. I’ve never even considered eliminating the summary. What caused you make that move 12 years ago?

Got tires of the phone calls for items that were plainly in the full report, but not necessarily in the summary. I did a test… I stop providing summaries, and the phone calls stopped. It was obvious what was happening… realtors weren’t reading the full report, only the summary. That one realtor I mentioned was during the summer after I stopped providing summaries.
Also for context, remember that this was during the time of the RE bubble bursting, realtors were dropping like flies, and pulling all the crap they could to save what few sales there were. Inspectors were dropping also, and only those of us with the skills and brains to tell realtors to ‘screw off’ and forge ahead without kowtowing to them became stronger and survived. Many wonder why us veteran inspectors seem jaded. Consider this era in RE a defining time for the industry.

I am just getting started on the inspection courses, completed roof, but already have learned much.
I’ve been a REALTOR for 26 years and worked with home inspectors who were arrogant and difficult to deal with, others who would explain and take the time to teach.
Guess which ones we still deal with.
Your profession is amazing, be someone who reflects it in a good light.
I don’t read summaries either.
The buyers agent “could” be held liable if the buyer has a home inspection and the buyers agent doesn’t go over it with the buyer. Forwarding a copy to the buyers agent will speed the review time which is always limited by contract. You would be helping the buyer, your customer, by doing so.