1802 Qestion #2 answere "B"

**B. All roof coverings have **a Miami-Dade Product Approval listing current at time of installation OR (for the HVHZ only) a roofing permit application after 9/1/1994 and before 3/1/2002 OR the roof is original and built in 1997 or later.

Home located outside the HVHZ. Home and roof construction permitted 1998. Monier roof tile with a Miami Dade product approval at the time of construction.

This complies with the requirement answer “B” correct?

It actually complies with both A and B, however to avoid confusion, I would select A (if outside HVHZ), and only list the NOA in the table with ample comments and confirmation of docs to inspected roof. Make your case to convince the underwriter, as they do not think to well outside the box.

Hey Mark,

In cases like this where we have documentation for a roof prior to 3-1-02. Since it is outside the HVHZ we mark A and highlight the section that reads “All roof covering have a… current at time instalation”…

We have not had a problem with any yet.

Same thing, fortunately I have been lucky enough that the homeowner had all the documentation for the roof.