1965 cabin with tall concrete block pier supports

Small 700 sq foot cabin in the mountains of western NC

These are over 12 feet tall.

I’m not sure when they were installed…as they do not appear to be original from 1965.

I’m guessing wood support piers were original with the home.

The piers appear to be two regular 8x8x16 CMU…the piers look exactly like what I see under the mobile homes around here. But those are never higher than maybe 4 feet.

The piers looked fine…no cracking or leaning or any signs of an issue at all.

I’m not sure of any codes with regards to such a concrete pier that tall. I looked at foundation codes for NC and couldnt see anything

Think this could be an issue? Or am I over thinking this ?

Don’t look right to me either.
If this would have been engineered, they would not have used sash blocks to provide a 16" sq. pier that would have made reinforcement and grout filled difficult and unappropriate for that design requirement.
They could have at least used a full chimney block or split block with reinforcement and grout filled. That beam is questionable also.
Any design drawings to verify if those block piers a reinforced and filled?
Did you tap them with a hammer?
I would recommend a review by a qualified engineer or architect.


Thank you
I did not tap with a hammer, but now I know to do that next time.
I did see grout, so at least they are no dry stacked

I will ask the buyer to ask for design drawings to verify if the piers are reinforced or filled.

and will recommend review by engineer

thanks !

Getting on a ladder, you may be able to peer into the top of each pier,
to see if they have reinforcing rod and/or grout. If they were retrofitted,
it would have been pretty hard to get the grout/concrete in deeply and correctly.

Also the vapor barrier on insulation generally wants to be on the occupied side.

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they have cap blocks…which is proper design from what I’ve read

so would not be able to see down the column

Is an important part of the comment.

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sounds good.

the cabins on both sides had the same piers.

I looked at them…from next door…and they appeared fine as well.

Who knows how long that have stood there like that.

Which is why I was questioning whether I was making a mountain out of a mole hill.

How old is the home?


but I’m guessing those piers arent that old

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Well, you have a decision to make. Best of luck! :smile:

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