1984 home with old passive solar system on roof

from the attic space inside…

with these little vents that you can manually open

Apparently there is or was an HOA (no one knew at the inspection) that required a passive solar system be installed on all homes in this neighborhood.

Not sure if it is still currently required.

I’m trying to figure out how to report on this. The fiberglass panels are old and cracking and there is some evidence that water has been getting past onto the wood framing inside.

I was thinking of reporting that…and then just referring the whole thing to a passive solar expert for evaluation ?

Nice gutter and downspout!

If it needs a roof, just report that. Definitely needs fascia and gutters!

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Oh yeah, that was hilarious.

the whole house is a fixer upper.

lots of problems

some more pics…

needs a roof

so I had told the client that if it is no longer required…that I would have the roofers remove the panels and

frame for a roof in the opening…

Exactly what I would do. The report the other components independently, connecting them where needed (such as panels causing damage to other building systems)

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It’s going to be hard to find a passive solar expert— that’s pretty rare.
You could try posting on “Green Building Advisor”.

Clearly the fiberglass panels need replacing, with new caulk and seals.

What climate zone is this in? Does the home also have A/C?


caught covid and havent been on here

zone 7

yes on central air conditioning/heat pump

Yeah. Then just mention the leak/fragile aspect and refer out.
The solar may be a net loose with the A/C in Zone 7.

And maybe find one of the Covid threads on this forum and let everyone know your perspective.