No main disconnect

I just was in a home where the feed wire for the electrical panel runs from the meter to the electrical panel and then to the breakers. There is no main disconnect breaker. This house was built in 1980. Is this wrong and should be corrected or does this meet code?

A service may have up to 6 main disconnects. Commonly what we see is a breaker for the A/C, a breaker for the dryer, a breaker for the electric range, and a main breaker serving the lower part of a split bus where breakers for miscellaneous circuits for the home are located.

Jim King

Do you have a PICTURE of the panel in question…so we can determine if it complies to the 6 disconnect allowance…?

Some meter bases have a side compartment that houses the ‘main disconnect’. Not very common, but i worked with three homes this year that had that arrangement.

So photo of meter base too, please. :smiley: