Wind Mitigation Information $6.50

I was talking to a person who gets me information that I can never seem to find. I then told her that others may be interested in this information. She said she needed $10 a form, and after much debate I got her down to $6.50 and that is her bottom line.

Would people be interested in getting the necessary dates for the roof and such for $6.50? Or is it just me having a tough time finding this on certain properties?

Jsut an idea and need input.

Thanks - Russ

This is where I go to help locate permits.

Ill do it for 5$

Russ, you should be able to get permit data from the local gov’t sites. With the a-h conspectors driving wind mit prices down, how could you afford to give away any profit?

Call the local bldg dept’s and find out what resources they have.

I sometimes spend 20 minutes looking for this information. Calling, searching…in some areas here the only way to get the info is to call the city. Who is never avaliable and have to leave a message…blah blah blah…

I would rather have Shelly give this person the address’s the day before and have them send me the info in the AM. So I don’t have to search for anything.

I get $125 a wind mit…bottom feed away. When you compete at the bottom you will always be out bid from a lowballer. People use us for service. Sonner or later the $50 guy screws people over, gives poor service and the insurance people get fed up and realize, screw it, its not my money let me call Russ get it done right, once and have people who will answer their phone and answer their questions.

Trust me, people ALWAYS get fed up with inferior service and sooner or later realize QUALITY costs…

There are services that will get all the permit info and schedule the inspections for 10$

Wind mits for 6.50…i will do’um…the uther fellas payin me only 5.00

Not at all trying to be a smart a-s but what is it she can accomplish that you or the HOMEOWNER cannot accomplish?

It is up to the homeowner in my opinion to produce the information to you to be verified.

Thanks for the link under first glance it looks as if it may become a favorite :slight_smile:

Do you really want to go there?

Do you really wish to discuss why the price of all insurance inspections in Florida Has plummeted?

Come on now?

It will just get all nasty and we may loose our coom by ya feeling.:roll:

Russ------call me --I’ll tell ya where I get my info for free…

Does anyone have a source that works state wide? I spend way too much time looking for the info up here in North Florida.

That’s what i am talking about Eric. This person will find the information state wide.

huh? is that there will soon be one state wide?

If so how do you know? Public or private entity providing the info?

What was it she can do that you cannot.

She can find me the information I need. Houses here about 10% are occupied, especially this time of year. So who do I talk to?

For my situation she provides me something that I can not produce more of, and that is time. When I start on the Internet and the phone calls to get this information it takes me 15-20 minutes. So let’s say she gets me 8 that day. It think that is $52. Now in that 2 hours she just saved me I can do 2 more wind Mitigations at $125. So in return for $52, I make another $250. I will do those conversions all day long.

Does shelly already work for you?

Shelly has been the office manager for the past 5 years and the true voice of the company. When you call you get either her, Kim or Karen. I could not be happier with the people in the office. Her and Kim get so busy that it get crazy some days so we decided to hire Karen. They have one goal in that office. To serve the client in the best manner possible.

If your even somewhat busy, hiring a secretary was a great move, people like it when they get a professional answering the phone. I never answer my phone when I am on a job, I feel it is distractive and unprofessional. So then, who is going to answer the call?

I know people are going to say, why not have them do the finding of the information? Because they are too busy now and I feel overfilling their plate will cost a client the attention to detail they deserve.

I guess it matters how many permits u need to find on a daily basis to justify subbing it out. I find it more cost effective to have an employee do this.

I find it more cost effective to have the owner submit what they have as proof to me.

If they do not have the required information I give them tips on how to find it and what to ask for.

When they provide the information I apply the information to their report.

Just as I would with a door or window. If the info is there as it should be on doors and windows I then run the number thru the product approval.

Your welcome! :cool: