5 Things to Stop Buying at Home Depot

Can you think of anything that didn’t make the list?


Excellent post!

Good idea but I did not make it past page 1. I mean clicking every few seconds to another page is beyond a pain in the a s s . No offense intended but as a client or potential one or anyone sent that to read i’m done the very moment I have to do it.

I would have WITHOUT A DOUBT read the whole article if it was right there complete on the first page I clicked.

I am curious as why you did it the way you did.

Again I am only giving you my opinion as a regular guy to HELP not bust you a s s .

Home Depot still sells plastic dryer duct?


I verified everything before making the post :slight_smile:

Juan. Nice job…good info and marketing all in one. I saw the clogged dryer vent and corrugated trap this week on a pretty nice house so your spot on with these homeowner repairs.

We’ve got one door that has a double keyed cylinder. It exits our living room into our pool room. As long as kids are in our house, that lock is staying. There are practical reasons for this type of deadbolt.


Good points Juan, but I would refrain from calling out “Home Depot” and instead would use “local hardware store”.

Excellent post!

They did sell a kitchen sinks with an overflow a while back…

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Nice work Juan.

How about having to click a page change after every sentence.

Juan is there some reason you will not acknowledge me???

I am curious to you reason for doing it the way you did.

Maybe I can learn something but if its a secret then I understand.

More word of wisdom from the inspection industries most infamous vendor a s s hole.

Nathan Thornberry is a liar and a scam.

Buyer beware.

See you Sunday at the ASHI meeting in Columbus big boy…

Thanks Guys! :slight_smile:

Kevin my wife said the same thing. It doesn’t capture as much attention that way though.

Michael, I didn’t respond to you cause you are so angry :slight_smile: There isn’t anything wrong with the method. It’s the way Internet savvy people write posts. The problem would be mine. If I can’t captivate people to click all the way through, I’m not interesting enough.


You are in La La land.
Where do you get angry from.
I pretty much knew you would not have an answer. Par for the course.
Savvy HA that’s a great one. Again a non answer. Please feel free to enlighten me on how that method is beneficial. Unlike you I have an open mind, you on the other hand not so much. “like a Rock” I guess :slight_smile:

I guess you and I agree on one thing you’re not at all interesting :slight_smile: Just a sheep in SO MANY ways.

Mike, he is attempting to emulate Nick by forcing you to go to multiple pages on his website to boost his SEO. Ever notice Nick never posts any information directly? It is always a link to another Nachi page.

Gullible HI’s will fall prey to his tactic’s, as they do for Nicks’.

Tech savvy individuals will totally discredit the website, causing his attempts to backfire in his face. People in general are not as stupid as he likes them to be.

And no, I never even clicked his link, as I am aware of his less than honorable games he likes to play. There is nothing of interest that he could possibly post on his website that would get me to click a link to it.

Like many things, it will bite him in the arse sooner than later.

In the last three days my website had 290 visits. In the same three days the average pages/visit is 5.16.

That means most people clicked through all 6 pages.

It’s an SEO thing.

I was trying to be nice and tell him how real people feel but I am afraid he is blinded by the light. Oh well his lost. Once a sheep always a sheep.