50 Gal. 10-Year Hybrid High Efficiency Smart Tank Electric Water Heater

This one is for my home.
I have evaluated all of these and I have came down this one.

I was totally set to purchase it… Until I discovered it make noise! I should have known that.
So! The question is do any of you have such water heaters and how loud are they?
Mine will be in the garage.
I truly appreciated your reply.
We have a weekly poker game in my garage on the weekends. Will it be a distraction? I don’t know! Just asking. Yep.

It sounds like a refrigerator when in HP mode. Hard to hear if the garage is behind doors, walls, etc.

On poker night just switch it to Electric Only mode (front panel has buttons for the mode selection).

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I do not have one but I find it intriguing

A couple Home depot reviews
Efficient, quiet, easy to install.

Purchased this unit last week to replace our existing 12 year old electric water heater. Our power company offered a $500 rebate for installing one, and the efficiency compared to the standard electric water heaters is insane, making the cost more palatable.Installation is straight-forward, though you/your plumber will need to account for the low position of the cold water inlet. Compressor is very quiet. Ours is installed in an unfinished basement directly below our living room and kitchen. Neither my wife nor I can hear it run. Power consumption has been minimal, between .83 and 1.2 kW per day (two adults showering, dish washer, etc.).All in all a do-again. We’ll see how it lasts with regular maintenance.

I wish the WH was in the garage like my old house because it puts a lot of cold air out as it heats the water and it would have been a welcomed bonus in Florida. The Econet app is not that great but it allows you to easily control the WH temperature, operation mode and a to set a running schedule.

I found this review interesting because you could hear it running. And, it was not a paid review

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That I did not know.
Mr. Dominic.
I always valued your advise. Yes!
You are one of the Greats on this board. And I truly want your option.
So! Would you put it in your garage? Yes or no.

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Yes Roy, the noise isn’t that bad when in a garage. Wouldn’t want it in the interior laundry room.
And bonus, it extracts some of the garage heat out when running in HP mode.

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And don’t forget to clean that air filter on top, no one ever does.

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hmmm, reviewer said he installed it himself and he ran the TPRV discharge directly to the condensate pump. Not sure that’s a good idea.

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I saw that too :smile: And, some of his problems appear to be operator error. Maybe he will read the manual and update his video lol.

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Like a typical HI, I left a comment on YouTube for him, lol.


Ok! I honestly Thank you! yep!
I’m also wanting to install a Watt or whatever water heater recircuiting system system.( It is only one way) If you have any expertise with these I would greatly appreciate your advice.

I’ll drink to that!


Yep! Why not? I am, lol.

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Roy drinks to everything, eh, Roy?.. :rofl:


I installed the A.O. Smith 50-gallon Hybrid water heater in my garage last month. My Feb electric bill was 185.00, and my March bill is 135.00. It says it uses 100w of electricity and the Energy Guide says it costs $116.00 to operate a year. My March bill still had almost two weeks with the electric water heater.
My garage used to be 88 degrees in the summer. We have the washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, and freezer in the garage. Once we installed the hybrid water heater, our garage temperature dropped from 80 degrees to 73. My wife is not complaining about doing laundry anymore. I wish I had installed this several years ago.
As for the noise, it is not noisy. You barely hear the motor running. You hear the fan more than anything, and it is not loud at all. Another plus is it has reduced the humidity in the garage. The humidity in our garage used to be about 80%, but now it is holding steady at around 50.
I can’t say enough about this water heater. I would have bought it, or a mini-split to cool my garage this year. So happy with my decision. And did I mention you can hardly hear it? It sounds like a fan blowing.
The recommended setting is Hybrid, where it operates mainly with the heat pump, but the electric heating elements kick in if the tank temperature gets too low. I changed the setting to Efficiency, where it only operates with the heat pump, and the electric element never turns on. We are a family of 7, and when my son is here, it makes 8 in our house. So far, we have not run out of hot water, which is something that happened frequently with our 40-gallon electric water heater.

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Nice Frank!



Hot water circulating pumps work great.
Grundfos is a recommended product. Watts would be a second.
There’s a special bi-pass valve that is typically installed at the furthest fixture.

You can have one of these with or without a dedicated return line.

I see Home Depot carries the Watts version.

Thanks everyone.

So the one by Grundfos is the best?
It looks more quality built.

If I were installing one in my house, it would be a Grundfos.

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Grundfos it is.
Thanks Scott.