99% remodeled home remodeling

Good afternoon, as an inspector I do not have much time, my license is just from May of this year, but I have already been working for more than 100 inspections for another company, and I got a client that asks me for Florida Insurance inspections (4 points and Wind Mitigation).

Here comes the question. The original house was built in 1957, but the client completely remodeled it, leaving only 3 original walls with the intention that they do not consider it as a new construction, but only as Remodeling.

How should I consider the Building code for the Wind Mitigation report?

Once a duck, always a duck :wink:

Have you taken the require classes for Wind Mitigation?

Question 1 relates to the structure’s build date, and the original structure is still present.
Question 2 relates to the roof install. Answer accordingly, based on permitted data.